Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Pictures

I guess I got my own butt in gear yesterday posting about wanting to get some of Ghazal's old photos scanned onto the computer. I realized I really have a pretty pitiful amount of pictures of him from when he was younger. These were pre-digital days so there might be more pictures sitting on some film somewhere. My family is or rather was pretty notorious for taking photos and then never bothering to get them developed. Thank God for the invention of digital film. Otherwise I probably would have a pitiful amount of pictures of my kids too. Also, thankfully my husband is much better about actually taking pictures than I am. Anyways, here are some of Ghazal's earlier pictures:

My one and only baby photo of Zel with his dam, Abbi-Zaada. Abbi was one of my first lesson horses. Zel was her last colt.

He had such beautiful dapples but holy cow look at those toes!! I can't stress enough how little my family and I knew about horses when we bought Ghazal. An accident waiting to happen really but somehow we came through with no real harm done. The farrier we use to use was an old Saddlebred farrier as evidenced by those long toes. (Oh and I also feel the need to point out that while Ghazal's hind end conformation was certainly not perfect it wasn't nearly as bad as this photo makes it seem. He was just standing awkwardly here.)
Seriously this could be the worst outfit in the history of outfits (and oh my gosh that perm!) but Ghazal was pretty enough for both of us. I was not lunging him here just trying to get a picture of him trotting.
Another fun outfit from me and Ghazal in his fuzzy winter coat and awkward teen stage. And yes I make him look tall even though he is probably only about 14.1 or 14.2 here.
A slightly more recent photo but a nice profile shot. Ghazal would probably not place very well in today's Arab classes. He was bred for endurance and not just to be a pretty face (although I think he has a beautiful face myself and I really don't care for the overly dished faces of Arabs in the show ring now. You have to wonder where they fit their brain. To each their own I suppose.) But I will say Ghazal has literally never been lame a day in his life with the exception of one abscess and one stone bruise. Not bad for 24 years. 


  1. He is soo pretty!!! Too bad the grays don't stay dark :( I love that first pic! Of course he's still a handsome man today :)

  2. How old is the last pic? In that one he still has a lot of gray, more than Juno who was a beautiful dapple gray when I got her at 7. Athene has a lot of gray now at nearly 8, but Juno is almost white, nearing 17. FYI, have you checked him for melanomas on the underside of his dock? I think I told you about that, and that Juno has a bunch that I'm treating with an herbal supplement that my vet has seen work. Also, I agree with you, the contemporary show Arabs look gross with those extremely dished noses. I read that the huge dishes can interfere with breathing. Have you read that?

    1. Ghazal was probably around 11-14 years old in that last picture. He grayed out relatively slowly. I have a friend who had a gray mare who was white by the age of 4 so I guess there is quite a variance.

      No melanomas since the last time I checked.

      I have heard that the Arab's with the extreme dishy faces can have breathing problems. It's such a shame since that is the absolute opposite of what they were originally bred to do. I'm glad I got an older type Arab (almost 100% Crabbet breeding) and the surge of the Arab Sport horse does give me hope for the breed. I do still love Arabs quite a bit just not the "new" fad. I guess that is true for a lot of breeds, though.