Friday, February 15, 2013

Oh Where Have You Been Little Bird

I've been to the woods...

My grandmother used to sing me this song when I was little and I started singing it to my kids. Now my youngest asks me to sing it to her often. Good memories!

I'm sorry I haven't been around much. It's not that I'm that much busier than before there just hasn't been a whole lot of horse related things going on. The barn is still the barn, the horses are still pretty much the same and lessons are all going okay. I have been enjoying reading about all the horsey stuff going on in the states. Spring is definitely in the air (well at least in Florida and Georgia)!

I have been taking an online equine nutrition class which has taken up a little of my time. It's been pretty interesting so far. Lots of stuff to learn I'm just not sure how much I'll be able to retain but we shall see. It does make me feel even more sorry for our horses here, though. It isn't that they don't get "enough" to eat so much as they just don't get any real roughage. After this class I am realizing even more than ever how much horses need grass or hay or something to chew.

Happy late Valentine's day!

My youngest enjoying her first Valentine's hoard including flowers from Daddy.
All of the instructors from the barn got together today for pedicures and lunch. It was fun and if you ever do come to Japan/Okinawa a pedicure is a must. It's a serious art form over here!
Go riding!

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