Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Hard Right and Straight On 'till Dawn

I made my way back out to the barn today. I didn't realize how affected I've been by this whole thing until I was nearly there and my heart started hammering like a jack rabbit. (Mixed metaphor totally intended.) It's a horrible feeling, knowing you are right and also knowing that it does not matter. It is also very humbling and I will be the first to admit that I don't like it! And here I thought I was a "bigger" person. I guess we all suffer from pride to some extent. And boy howdy is my pride stinging!

It made me think about the difference between being right and doing right. I guess what I was thinking is that I would be "right" to simply wash my hands of the whole thing and nobody would blame me. But, at the same time it wouldn't be the right thing to do if I left my fellow instructors without help for the upcoming show (the reason I was at the barn today) even though I know they would understand. So I'm going to do the "hard right" and help with the show. Not that I'm trying to pat myself on the back or anything. I guess I'm just trying to psych myself up to the task at hand. I need to put my big girl breeches on and get 'er done.

And after that the dawn is coming (as corny as that is) and it is only about 72 days away. Just a week and a half and it will be April. I know that in just a few short months I'm going to look back on all this and realize I was stronger than I thought and the time was much shorter than I realized. (See all the psyching I'm doing?)
I'm dreaming of green grass and beautiful pastures.


  1. Great picture! And I admire your courage and humility!

  2. Thanks! Hopefully I'll have something fun to post about soon.

  3. So this is a little random -- but I always enjoyed interacting with you on my previous blog (before I disappeared it) and wanted to let you know that I am starting up a new one (which for various reasons is much less likely to randomly disappear):

    Just in case you are interested. Feel free to ignore, of course, if not!

    1. I was wondering what happened to you. Thanks for the info. I will wait to see what's been happening. :)