Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Days Of Our Lives

I'm thinking about changing the title to my blog because apparently my life has become one big soap opera, or at least it feels that way.

What now?

Well, I am no longer teaching lessons at the barn here. In fact I'm not sure I will ever set foot on the property again.


To put it simply I got overpaid... basically the person who cashes us out gave me my lesson money and another instructor's money as well. I knew it was not right when I signed for it but I was in the middle of a lesson with a beginner student and I was very concerned about leaving her in the arena alone. I knew if I had asked to correct it first I would have had to stay there until it was fixed which could have literally taken forever. So I figured I'd sign for it then we could straighten it out later. The person who cashes us out left right afterwards so I took everything home.
Yeah, I don't make that much!

When I got home I figured out what money was mine and what belonged to the other instructor. I called her and let her know and the next day brought it out to her. We went over everything again and everyone was satisfied that it was correct.

Later that same day I got a call that the person who cashed me out thinks I took all of the other instructor's money. Which is correct, I did, because he gave it to me. But, what he thinks is that he didn't count the other instructor's money at all. He thinks I just took her money and that basically I made about twice as much as I normally do.

So I went back to the barn with all of my money. A and I put all of our money back together and gave all of it back. The cash out guy refused to take it and thus began a headache of an argument. Going back and forth. A and I went through the lesson log (we have to log every lesson we give) and added everything up and ALL of the money is there. But it doesn't matter. He refuses to believe it or to even go over the logs which is just so stupid! Why do we log these things if not to use it for just this sort of instance?
I feel like a bad guy!
So I left my money with A to hold onto until someone figures out what to do with it, about three weeks worth and I haven't been back since. There's no way I'm going to take that money while they think I stole from them! At this point even if they finally figure it out I don't think I can go back. I've simplified the facts a little bit here but that is the basic gist of it. I am so... I don't know what I am other than a huge pot of boiling emotions.

I do admit that it was a very bad decision on my part not to just have him fix it right away. I keep kicking myself over and over about it because it would have saved all of us a huge headache. What was I thinking? The guy who pays us just gets very impatient. He wants us to basically drop everything and do it on his time. I honestly didn't think it would be that big of a deal to sort it out later. Everything is written down and recorded. Even Yama, the Japanese instructor believes me. It's just ridiculous!
I would kick my own butt if I could!

Well, that is what is going on right now. I've already contacted all of my clients and let them know that I most likely won't be back and gave them the contact information for the girl who was going to replace me anyways. I have two months and three weeks to go. It shouldn't feel that long but it does.

I could go on and on about the whole horrible situation but this is already way more text heavy than I like. Besides anything else I say would just be depressing. So far 2013 is really sucking.
This pretty much sums up how I feel right now.

 All I really want to do is just see my horses, go for a trail ride, hang out in their stall, brush them, kiss them and then go to a tack store and hang out... for like hours. 


  1. Ugh, I'm so sorry man. Especially that you got punished for HIS mistake. That's horrible. Please hang in there. You'll be home soon and the whole nightmare will be behind you!

  2. That sucks, its why payroll systems with pay stubs is better.

    1. Yes, pay stubs would be better... honestly any kind of more official system would be better.

  3. It must be really hard to deal with a situation involving money with someone from a VASTLY different culture. The cashier surely sees things in another way. You've told me that the Japanese see making a mistake or applying blame in a different way than how Americans see it. Yikes. Hang in there, maybe Mindee can take a video of Loki to send, so that you get more horsiness to tide you over until you leave.

    1. The "cashier" for lack of a better term speaks very good English but he is truly at least 80 years old. So I think this is more of a young vs. old cultural hitch than American vs. Japanese. He truly believes that he did not give me the other instructor's money but set it aside. I'm sure he did set it aside to begin with but then picked it back up without realizing it. It's happened before but we usually just fix it right away which is why I am so mad at myself for waiting until after my lesson. But oh well, hind sight and all that.

  4. Oh man girl I am so sorry! What a pain!

    Sounds like a poorly run operation and you got stuck in a yucky spot, totally not your fault! Really if he gave you to much it's HIS fault and he is lucky you are being nice and giving it back!