Saturday, March 23, 2013

Split Personality

Sometimes I feel like I have a split personality.

My birthday is June 19th which puts me right at the end of Gemini. (For the record I don't really believe in astrology but at the same time I have always felt like the Gemini persona fits me too well.)

Long story short: My wonderful, amazing, loving husband has offered, even tried to convince me to just go home for a few weeks. I think it is two parts love and one part I'm driving him and my family crazy.

It's so very tempting to get on a plane and just go home for a few weeks. (That could possibly be my understatement of the year.) I could see my horse, ride, go to Rolex, maybe even Equine Affair, the list goes on and on. It's so so so very tempting.

So what's the hold up?
  1. Money: Yes, technically we have the money but we are trying to put money into savings right now not take it out. 
  2. Mom: This is who I am right now and leaving my kids for a couple of weeks during the school year just doesn't sit well with me. (I would feel differently if it were for some kind of job or more "legitimate" reason.)
  3. Wuss Factor: Seriously I just have 10 weeks left. I definitely feel like I'd be a wuss to fly home now. (Although, to be honest I'm okay with being a wuss.)
  4. Selfish Factor: All of the above basically boil down to this one thing. I feel like it would be incredibly selfish for me to go home at this time.

Right now I'm about 75% sure I'm going to stick out these next 10 weeks but I am so thankful to have such a supportive husband who is willing to let me be a little okay, make that a lot, selfish sometimes.

A friend texted this photo to my sister yesterday. Right now I'll take any pictures I can get, dirty blankets and crazy faces and all.


  1. haha nice face Loki!! :)

    Shoot I feel you on the mom thing! But man would you feel refreshed if you did go home... hmmmm decisions!!

  2. I know... it's SOOOO tempting!!

  3. ohhh that would be so hard to say no too!! you are stronger than me! of course it would be hard leaving your husband and children so i understand :)

    I've been having trouble with my internet lately but i finally just downloaded a good browser on my phone so i can keep up with the blogs i follow! sorry everything is rough at the barn :( i hope it all gets smoothed over and you can end on a good note!

    and thanks for the comment and good advice! i think that is what's so hard, knowing what you should do and not being able to make it happen, especially if you've done it before!!

    hope these last days go by quickly!