Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Endings!

I don't know about you but I absolutely love a story with a good, satisfying ending. So I thought I'd share one with you. It's not horse related but it is the story of a cat.

Meet Angel:
Angel is a stray cat that has been hanging around our patio for the last several months. It may or may not have something to do with the food I leave out for her, I don't know. (What can I say I'm a sucker and she has these beautiful blue eyes!) I had hopes that I could catch her and maybe get her to a rescue group but while she would let me get close and would even rub on my legs she would try to bite whenever I attempted to pet her. Not to mention that the rescue groups (like everywhere else in the world) are overwhelmingly full.

Stray cats are quite common over here and most of them are actually pretty darn fat. Angel (dubbed so by my kids) was no exception. Even before I started giving her some food she was quite well fed. So I hoped that she would continue to thrive after we left but I was worried about her.

All that changed Monday night when Angel left three kittens on my doorstep (literally). I thought she had abandoned them b/c for about two hours she didn't even come near them. I honestly thought they were dead and was about ready to dispose of the bodies (before my kids found them the next morning) when I realized they were still alive and I decided to intervene.

I called a friend who works for the local rescue group here on island OAARS. She was so helpful and at 11:00 in the evening rushed over to my house with emergency supplies and helped me clean and warm the kittens. I then spent a very long night trying to bottle feed said kittens every hour or two. Honestly I didn't think they would make it without their mom but they were still very much alive the next morning.

My friend came back over with some more supplies and we discovered that Angel was still sitting on my back porch. I had tried to show her the kittens at least two other times through the night and each time she didn't even seem to see them but we decided to try on more time and wouldn't you know it this time she acted very interested in the kittens. But, we also noticed that she was covered, absolutely covered in fleas.

So my friend went into action again and we gave Angel a bath with vinegar and dawn to kill as many fleas as possible. That's right the cat who had previously tried to bite me whenever I attempted to pet her let us give her a bath and she was pretty darn good about it, too, for a cat. There was no biting and just a few claw casualties. Was it because her mothering instincts had kicked in? Or did she somehow just know we were trying to help her? Or was I just a wuss before and she was more comfortable with my friend?

Anyways, After the bath we put Angel in a cat carrier to dry and my friend ran to the vet to get some flea medicine that would be safe for her and the babies. When she got back we treated her and then finally put the kittens in the carrier with her. And wouldn't you know she immediately started licking them and they started nursing within just a matter of minutes! I think my friend and I sat on the kitchen floor for 15-20 minutes just watching. It was our own little miracle. And it was the best feeling in the world, totally making one sleepless night worth it!

The best part for me is now Angel and her kittens are all in the OAARS system. My friend is fostering them until they are all old enough to be weaned and hopefully adopted out. In the span of just one day Angel's life became 100 times better and so much more certain. I'm so very thankful for my friend and for everyone who puts their time, money, sweat and tears into animal rescue. I know we can't save them all but we can at least try to save the ones that are right in front of us!

Momma and babies safe and sound!


  1. Aw I'm glad!!! About two years ago we had the same thing happen to us with a cat we were feeding... she disappeared for two weeks then showed up with the cutest little kittens following her. We caught them all and took them to the vet for shots and she got spayed- we re-released her because she was just too wild but kept two of the kittens and found a good home for the third. Over two years we finally earned her trust, and she pretty much stayed on our back porch all of the time and loved for us to come out and pet her. We were just getting ready to try to catch her again and get her UPD on all of her shots and try to introduce her into the home when she disappeared again and hasn't been back for over a week :( We think she's dead, it's really sad. I hope Angel isn't so hard to tame and gets a great home where she can live a long life! Her and her kittens! :)

    1. I talked to my friend who has her and she says she is being very affectionate. She does still bite but it isn't aggressive, more like love nips I guess. Hopefully something will work out for her. At the very least she will be spayed and won't have to worry about more kittens. Sometimes that really is the best that can be done.

  2. Aw, she's lucky you found her! That is a good ending to the story :)