Friday, April 12, 2013

Teddy the Turtle

Teddy the Sea Turtle
Well, it's Saturday over here on the other side of the world which means we've pretty much made it through another week, yeeha! We are down to about 7 more weeks and less than 50 days. It still feels like forever but the light at the end of the tunnel does occasionally seem to be getting brighter.

This week was Spring Break for the kids and Jay took some vacation time as well. We had some pretty good times and managed to stay fairly busy. We went to the Churami Aquarium for the last time on Thursday. It is a really cool place and almost as nice as the new Atlanta Aquarium. It was not busy and we went with a friend who grew up in Bermuda and was teaching us all kinds of fun facts about the ocean life we saw. And of course no trip to the Aquarium is complete until you go through the Souvenir Shop, literally the only way to exit is through the shop. Usually we don't buy anything but since it was our last time we allowed everyone to pick out one item. My choice was the cutest ever sea turtle stuffed animal. I don't have a huge collection of stuffed animals, honestly only about four or five but when I find a stuffed animal I really like I just have to have it and Teddy was one of those. Isn't he cute!!
Another from my "collection" Tige the leopard (apparently I didn't know the difference between a tiger and a leopard when I was a kid. He is well over 40 years old and feels like a beanie baby.

On the home front Loki's training seems to be going well. My trainer started off with just lots of flat work and legging up since he'd been out of work for nearly 8 months. They are supposed to do their first jump school this week and sometime soon he will be going XC schooling in preparation for Greater Dayton, his first ever horse trial. I'm still kind of bummed that I won't be taking him to his first "real" show but I know this is a good thing for him. Lori is very experienced and will be able to give him a nice, quiet ride so that hopefully he will come away from the experience with the knowledge that it's "no big deal." Plus once we leave here money will get much tighter and putting my horse in training will not be an option so might as well take advantage of it while I can.

We should find out about the house we want this week. We put an application in and I don't anticipate any problems but it will be pretty cool to have everything legit. For the first time in about 10 years we will be living within a short driving distance from our family. I can't express how excited I am!

I also almost bought a trailer. We were on the verge of picking it up (okay when I say we I mean my Dad) when I got cold feet. It was an older trailer that was going to require quite a bit of work. We were getting a great deal on it so that even after putting the money into it to fix it up it still would have been a "good deal" but at the last minute I just couldn't do it. This is not a snobbery thing in the sense that I have to have the top of the line trailer but I realized I do want to get a trailer that I can be 100% sure is safe for my horses. So that probably means waiting for another year or so to get the right trailer but I don't really "need" it right now. I can borrow my sister's whenever needed and of course I go most places with my trainer anyways. I just hate not being independent but sometimes you just gotta get over it.
Random photo Jay took over the summer. I can't wait for new pictures this summer. Hopefully I won't ride like a moron and I'll actually get some that I like of both him and me!


  1. 7 weeks is totally do able! :)

  2. One day at a time... Thanks for the cheer!

  3. I have a total weakness for cute stuffed animals too. 7 weeks will fly by!

  4. Teddy is adorable and I can completely understand how you couldn't leave him behind in the gift shop!
    Will keep fingers crossed for the house & wish Loki luck in his show when he goes with your trainer. Listening to our gut is our best decision making weapon when it comes to all things horsey / so prob for the best on the trailer!
    7 weeks will fly by!

  5. Ohhhhh, wow, that aquarium looks _amazing!_