Saturday, April 27, 2013

XC DAY: Triumph and Heartbreak

I have to say I was really upset to not make it to Rolex this year but getting to watch the entire XC on FEI-TV was actually pretty awesome. You certainly get to see a heck of a lot more when you watch from the comfort of home. I was also glad, in the end, that I was forced to pay for the FEI coverage rather than relying on the free coverage from the USEF network as many people seemed to be having trouble with the free feed.

Anyways, as usual there was quite a bit of drama for XC. I am super thankful there were no serious injuries, even though at least one fall was quite scary to watch. A lot of great rides, though.

I was disappointed to see Allie Knowles (the highest ranked U.S. rider after dressage) have so much trouble and retiring at the 7th fence (I think). I don't know if it is just me or what but she just never seemed to get into a groove and seemed to be doing a LOT of picking before the fences.

And of course it turned out to be another disappointment for Becky Holder and Can't Fire Me as they had the first fall of the day when the horse just hung a leg on the duck. I know they'll be back to fight another day but still heartbreaking. 

I've also never seen a horse run out of gas in such a dramatic fashion as Trading Aces did with Boyd Martin. He seriously had nothing left in the engine at the third fence from home. I was happy to see Boyd make the wise decision to stop and save his horse for another day. Likewise Mary King had to make the same decision with her horse who just never seemed to get it together and also ran out of gas. It is so nice to see the horse's welfare put first by such greats in the sport especially when I imagine there must be a pretty big temptation to think that there is *only* three more fences and a handful of meters until the finish line. *Correction: I guess it was 6 fences from home for Boyd and Oscar.

Buck Davidson Jr. had an amazing day with three clear rounds, two of which were double clear. If you don't follow Horse Junkies United you should really watch this interview with Buck Sr. It is really cool.

I have lots of other thoughts about the day but these were the ones that stuck out. I actually have enjoyed watching Rolex from the house this year but honestly I can't wait to get back out there next year!

Amazing picture my trainer got of Katie Ruppel and Sir Donovan who went clear with only 1.6 time faults to sit in 17th place going into show jumping tomorrow.


  1. Just watched the second group go... Crazy all that happened!

  2. It was pretty crazy but that is Rolex for you. On to show jumping!

  3. Great Interview by HJU!

    I saw Becky fall and freaked me out! Glad she was ok!