Monday, May 13, 2013

Ready, Set Show!

Well, we got our show in finally on Mother's Day. Unfortunately I already had plans for the holiday so I didn't make it out for the first part of the day but I was able to help out the last half.

It was pretty much one of our typical fun shows. I missed all the jumping classes but stuck around for the obstacle course classes and something called Uma Harase. Uma Harase is basically a pacing class. You have to ride down one side of the arena and around a cone and back. Whoever comes closes to the "ideal" pace wins. Our pace was set at about a slow to medium trot pace.

We had three falls but no one was seriously injured although I'm sure many will be bruised. One Japanese kid did go off in an ambulance but he was fine just a little frightened and (in my utterly honest opinion) completely over-reactive, but what can you do?

Other than that everything went off without a hitch. I was able to see many of my old clients and got lots of hugs and said goodbyes. The other instructors and I talked about going for a beach ride but I don't know if that will happen. For one thing it is looking very wet for the forseeable future and for another I just sent my saddle and all of my riding stuff home with the exception of my helmet and an old pair of boots.

I'm very nervous about my saddle going such a long way through the postal service but after looking at all my options this seemed like the safest way. I insured the crap out of everything and I'll be biting my nails until I hear from my Mom that everything arrived safe and sound.

Still no orders. Jay called branch and was told that they should be here by the end of the week. I hope that is true but the cynical prior military in me is rolling her eyes and hearing a "form" response. You know how that is. We're just going to tell you something so you'll leave us alone. But we'll see...

Some pictures of the show:
Sky around the corner
For the first time (that I know) we had horses from another barn come to compete.
Of course I have to include a picture of my buddy Mocha!
If you have facebook (and are interested) you can check out the rest of the show photos here.


  1. Home stretch! Glad the show was a success :)

  2. Glad no one got hurt, hope you get your orders soon!