Friday, May 10, 2013


It is the start of the rainy season here in Okinawa. The Spring horse show was supposed to be today (after having to be rescheduled from it's original date) but was rained out... again. The crazy thing is it has been a really dry spring so far compared to what the weather was like last year. It seems to only really rain on the days we are trying to hold this show. I have promised to help with the show but at this rate it might not happen before I leave.

I'm experiencing a low season of my own. We are STILL waiting on our orders, still sitting in limbo. Without orders it is nearly impossible to do much of anything in preparation for the move. I have a very firm expectation of getting out of here by a certain date and even that date is much later than I really want to leave. Heck, today is later than I want to leave yesterday would have been better and the day before that even better still. But at this rate as the days slowly creep by with no official word it is beginning to feel like word may never come.

Of course I know this is just a temporary thing. I realize it won't last forever but when you are in the middle of it it can be hard to think positively. I'm just so ready to be out of this place for so many reasons.

And that's when I have to remind myself that this is just one season. No season ever lasts forever, although the good seasons seem to go too quickly while the rough seasons linger well past their welcome but still they all pass eventually. So as much as it sucks I'm going to keep trying to make the best of it. I'm going to try and enjoy the time with my family that I have and hopefully not waste too much time worrying and stressing. No promises, though!



  1. I'm sorry for the low period, I know how terrible those can be and how hard it has to be waiting... I myself am not very patient at all for anything. I absolutely hate waiting. It is pure torture. And not knowing is the worst!

    But still, this was a really well written post. I especially enjoyed the last paragraph. Very insightful :)

  2. You will be home soon! All that rain and delay in moving would make me feel really low as well.