Tuesday, May 28, 2013


First things first. I had to put the picture of my pony up that I bought. I had to buy it even if it is maybe a little weird that I'm not the one riding him. I just love this picture of him! He looks like a real event horse!

Well, the marathon I've been running for the past 8 or 9 months has suddenly become a sprint and I can see the finish lines! But, there are a heck of a lot of hurdles between here and there. Jay's change of command is on Monday and we leave very shortly after that but we still have the packers coming, housing inspections to pass, cars to sell, cat arrangements (for flying) to make... the list goes on and is a little overwhelming at times. Getting our orders so late has definitely made things a lot more challenging b/c you can't schedule most of these things until you have your orders. But, I'm really not complaining just taking a quick moment to breath during the chaos of it all.

We are so ready for this command to be over. Oh the stories and drama I could share! I know my husband will really miss it, though. He loves his job even with the stress but we are looking forward to our two years in Ohio and the slower pace of life we will get to enjoy for a while. Right now when things start to get overwhelming I close my eyes and imagine myself sitting down on the plane getting ready to take off. I can just imagine the sigh of relief I will have knowing that we've finally made it to The End.


  1. Not weird at all that you bought it, he looks great! Good luck with the move.

  2. Love the picture!! Look how awesome he looks!

    Safe travels! Can't wait to see some update/pics on here of YOU and LOKI! :)

  3. Thanks!!

    You and me both. My husband is getting a new camera for his end of command gift... it is going to have a very nice action lens that I hope will be put to good use!

  4. Gorgeous photo!
    Delighted to hear you have a travel date and everything is moving quickly - you'll be home before you know it! :D

  5. I thought I already posted on this but I guess not! YES PLEASE COME STALK ME AT the horse park! I would LOVE to meet you and Wiz would love the pat! (Not that his ego needs ANY more boosting, I think you're completely correct that this is a teenage phase and he suddenly thinks he knows it all! the soreness wasn't helping, but he's still had some 'tude lately either way!) I can't wait until you're actually there with Loki and we can compete together :)

    SO exciting that you get to come home soon! And I love the pic of Loki, sailing right over. Can't wait to see pics of you up there!

    1. I will definitely let you know if I make it to the Park for that weekend. I would love to give Wiz a pat or two, or 300, lol.

      Thanks, I really do love this picture of him and I can't wait until it is me up there.