Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Report! (Part 1)

So, THE weekend has finally come and gone... swooosh... just like that! It has been both fun and a little disappointing for me. Fun because of all the photos and stories I've gotten to hear about my bayby. Disappointing because I'm just hearing the stories and not living them myself. But mostly it has been very exciting and I am even more anxious than ever to get home.
Lori and Loki during Dressage warm-up
So the weekend was a bit mixed. Loki seems to have really done well, especially considering he had 7 months off and has only been back in full time work for about 6-7 weeks. He had a lot of tension in his warm up and in dressage but he maintained his composure and was totally rideable. That is very important to me b/c I will be coming back with quite a lot of rust myself.
He didn't score so well in his dressage test. You can watch it here. (Warning: my sister's phone froze at the end of the test so she missed the last canter and the final halt. Although, she did tell me the canter looked about the same and he did pick up the correct lead. Thanks Mindee!!!) You can definitely see the tension he is carrying and there is quite a bit of resistance in some of his downward transitions but I don't see anything that makes me too unhappy. Actually, quite the opposite. I am very proud of him! But he only scored a 47.1 which put him in 12th place (out of 13) after dressage. Boo!
Stadium was a double clear!! Well, actually there was supposedly one time penalty I've been told but it is not present on the online scores so I'm not counting it! This put him in 11th place. The time was very slow because Loki has a tendency to rush between fences. It is sort of his way of dealing with tension I think, perhaps remnants of his race horse days when work and crowds equaled run really fast. So Lori really brought him up sharply in a couple of places to make him take his time. He is actually a lot better than he was at any of the schooling shows we went to last summer and his actual jumping looks TONS better. Last year we had a lot of deer jumps but for the most part he looks nice and round over the jumps in the video which you can see here.
I got the stadium jump from someone who posted it on facebook for my trainer. I'm not sure how many more I will get.
Here is what my trainer wrote me about Loki's dressage and stadium rounds:
So looking at his d score, I am sure you are disappointed and I am too, but there are tons more good things to point out. His warmup was good, he didn't really want to take big steps but he stayed soft and round. He just got tense in the ring and didn't come back. His stadium was better than expected, he wanted to run and listened when I said no which is why we got the time penalty. He jumped everything easily and with no problems. All and all a successful outing for his first in a long time. We just need to keep working on that relaxation. I have no worry about him refusing a fence, he has the jumping down and is jumping in fantastic form. Once he lets you adjust his balance he could easily go training and most likely higher than that. Looking forward to this summer, and really getting him to use his back and be adjustable. Take care will report back about tomorrow:)
So I can't be more happy than I am, really. We definitely have some work to do this summer. The name of the game really will be relaxation and balance. We might play around with some different bit options, not stronger bits, mind, but just some different options. He has gotten very comfortable with leaning on the bit he has now and that is the biggest reason he tends to lose his balance, in my opinion. I may even try some bitless options. We'll see...
So I haven't gotten the report on XC yet from my trainer so I'm going to wait until I get that before I do a XC write up. :D
Until next time!


  1. Yay Loki!!! Love seeing him in the pics and video!

  2. All in all that's a great report! More miles will get him more relaxed for sure.

    1. Yep, thanks! I am really pleased with him!

  3. Dressage judges just don't like our thoroughbreds!! ;) But really, I thought his test was lovely until the canter! He has a great trot. And will have a nice cancer, once he figures out how to relax and lift up his back- his tension really comes out in the canter. Same thing with the jumping. But once he figures that out, he's going to be LOVELY. Gorgeous boy!

  4. Yes, his canter will be a work in progress for a while I imagine. The sad thing is it has gotten so much better! But, that is definitely where he shows the most tension.

    And Thanks!!! I think he is gorgeous too. :) Gotta love our tbs!

    1. Of course! Although I am VERY envious of Loki's neck... lol! It's longer like Wizards, but actually filled out. I hope one day we have a neck like his ;)