Monday, May 6, 2013


Oh my gosh, I am so glad I got this FEI-TV subscription. I just got done watching Badminton Horse Trials and it was so incredible. By now most of you will probably have already heard the results but it was so much fun to get to watch it live. William Fox Pitt's and Andrew Nicholson's hopes for a Rolex Grand Slam have been crushed but the most surprising thing about this is that it was NOT Ze Terminator who won. Jonathan Paget and Clifton Promise, Badminton first timers, jump double clear for the win! (Michael Jung did still beat both Andrew Nicholson, who finished 3rd and WFP who ended up 5th.)

And I'm totally blaming the commentator, lol. Picture this: Michael Jung is coming to the last fence he's well within the time all the rails are up and the commentator starts to announce him as the winner before he clears the last rail and wouldn't you know it that rail comes down, late. This competition was really a hold your breath and bite your nails thing, unforgettable!

Rebecca Howard and Clark Montgomery both jumped double clear rounds. Rebecca finished in 12th and Clark in 27th and Tiana had one very disappointing rail to finish in 17th (Correction: Tiana had two rails). Colleen Rutledge and Shiraz had a tough round picking up 24 faults but they still made history as the first horse and rider pair to complete all five of the 4* events in the northern hemisphere.

If you haven't already seen the full results can be found here:

I'm off to bed. Less than 4 weeks to go. Time is marching!


  1. I might need an FEI TV subscription! :)

    1. It turned out to be money well spent, for this month at least!

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