Thursday, May 23, 2013


Said in my best Jar Jar Binks voice. Yes, he is quite probably the worst Star Wars character ever but I really relate to that particular line. :)

I've been waiting until everything was official before I posted but WE HAVE OUR ORDERS!!! *jumping up and down* and not only that WE HAVE OUR PLANE RESERVATIONS!!! *can't. stop. jumping.*

Our fly date is not too far off what I had hoped it to be. My countdown app is slightly off but only by a few days at this point. I can't share the exact date so I will just keep the counter as it is.

There is A LOT (and that is an understatement) of things to do before we leave. We just had Jay's Farewell from the company last night and his change of command is coming up in about a week. Just two short days after that the packers are coming and they have to get EVERYTHING packed in one day. Our final check out will be the next day and we fly the day after that. Sooooo, not a lot of flexibility for things to go wrong.

But it IS happening!!!


  1. Woohoooooooooooo! Travel safe!

  2. Party party party!!!

    SO happy for you and your family!!

    Loki mom is a-coming!

  3. I'm so happy for you!!! Yay for the USA! :D Also, a quick thank you to all of your family. Our country wouldn't be the home of the free if not for the brave. The military is an extremely important part of my life, I've known several people who are in the service and I know the struggle firsthand from watching my family go through it. It's a rough time! I can't wait to see pictures of you and Loki!!!
    Kalin from

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Sometimes I do get overwhelmed with this military lifestyle but in the end I wouldn't really change anything. I love my family and my country and I know my husband and our whole family is where God has called us to be.

    2. And God will reward all of you for the work. :) My cousin's fiance is in the Navy and stationed in Japan, as well. It's a hard job. He's had a lot of struggles. I'm sure it would be extremely overwhelming, I don't know if I could handle it. Your family will be in my prayers, especially during the trip home!