Friday, June 14, 2013

I Need Sleep!

I really do. This is more than just jet lag. I am to the point of eating just to stay awake. I haven't slept for longer than 5 hours in one day in the past three weeks or so. Things were just so stressful leading up to our move and then with the jet lag I am just not adjusting well. I think I will get a little artificial aid tonight because I am becoming a zombie!

I did ride Loki and Logan today. Boy, they are totally different rides. I hope I am able to switch gears at the show tomorrow. I ride Logan first in two Intro classes and then I ride Loki in Intro C and Training test 1. I tried to practice the test and the movements from the test today. Walk and trot for Loki were pretty good canter not so much. I'm not sure if it was due to the fact that I had more of an agenda with our ride or if he was a little sore or just having a bad day but his canter was a little nutso this morning. My trainer did come down for part of my ride and gave me some pointers. Mainly, find times to let go and soften!! When his canter gets so fast and unbalanced I have a very bad habit of locking my arms and trying to force him but when I remember to let go he does better. But, this show will be interesting to say the least. Those transitions come awfully fast in these tests!

I also took my eldest daughter to the tack store today and got her boots and a helmet. She is going to horse camp next week! She is very excited. I am excited, too, except I can see where this could lead (us to the poor house, lol!). 

The show is tomorrow. I hope I at least get some decent sleep tonight so I can think a little more clearly. This is what I am hoping to be doing tonight:


  1. I always wanted to go to horsecamp, your daughter will have so much fun I'm sure!

  2. Ah, I have a show tomorrow too! I hope we both do well! Except there's no way I could switch back and forth from the dressage tests... I can barely remember one test!! :O good luck!

  3. When Athene gets on her forehand and rushes at the canter--because she's not balanced--my instructor told me to raise her neck by raising my hands and lifting the neck, then easing the lift, then raise, then ease...Lifting the neck takes the horse's weight back on his hindquarters, which balances him and slows him, and gets him off his forehand. The reason why he's rushing is because he's trying to catch up with himself, he's out of balance.

  4. Good luck at the show!!! You are going to do awesome!!

    I'm sure your daughter will have a blast at camp!