Friday, June 28, 2013

Lots of Adjectives Ahead

Quick note before I start: A BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS THANK YOU!! to my amazing, wonderful husband. He has gone above and beyond this week in husband and father duties. I seriously would marry him all over again! :D

This is going to be short because I'm on my way to bed. I have to get up early for another schooling, combined test tomorrow!
The shexy beast is looking shexy!

This week has flown and it has been so productive. The day after our wonderful, relaxing trail ride Loki and I had a fantabulous! jump lesson. Oh man, I am so excited! Were we perfect? no! But I went into the lesson with one goal and that was to stay relaxed and easy (hello! Keep It Low Key here!!) and we made that goal 110%. We started off with just a pole on the ground and worked our way up to around 2'6"-2'9". Our jumps are old and the height markings have all worn away so the height is an estimate.

One of the best things about the lesson aside from being able to maintain our relaxed, low-key selves was the fact that the actual jumping is absolutely not an issue for either Loki or me anymore. At this height, at least, I am no longer getting the "I might be about to die" nerves that I used to get before any jump over 2'. I really think the jumping with no stirrups and no reins in Japan helped me there and I think Lori working with Loki for those two months has made a huge difference for him too.
Why hello Rio!

Thursday we just did more ground work and lung-lining. I introduced the canter on the lunge. (Not that he hasn't cantered on a lunge-line before it's just been a while so I guess I should say I re-introduced the canter.) The whoa and all of the voice commands are getting so much better and I am getting much faster responses. The canter is a bit unbalanced especially to the right so I think we will continue working on that. If he is unbalanced on the lunge-line without a rider it is no wonder he is having a hard time balancing with a rider.

Today I jumped again and we had another great go. I was mostly on my own this time but I was still able to maintain our easy going attitude. Loki did rush a couple of times but instead of tightening up and freaking out about it I was able to just use my voice to calm him back down do a few trot circles and then re-present and voila a nice, easy, in rhythm jump.

We are still working on finding our spots consistently. I still have to remind myself not to lean at the jump which mostly happens when I grip with my knees. So sit up tall and don't pinch with my knees for me. I also have to make sure that I am getting what I ask for from Loki and not accepting anything less. He's the kind of horse that will take the mile if you give him an inch so when I ask him to maintain his rhythm I really need to take the time and make sure that I get it before we move onto something else.

I have no idea how the show will go tomorrow. I have a plan. We are going pretty early and I plan on doing some ground work at the show to start with and if I can find a good place for it doing some lunging as well. Basically, just trying to keep everything as "normal" as possible is my goal. I also have a back-up plan. If for some reason one or both of us looses our minds I will have my trainer catch-ride him just so he gets the experience.

So that is where we are for now. I guess that was longer than I thought but I do type pretty fast, ha!

I hope everyone has a fun, horse-filled weekend!
Seriously love this face!


  1. What a great lesson, best of luck at the show, you guys will rock!

  2. Can't wait to hear about the show! When I first started taking Wiz to shows, I lunged him in vienna reins at shows- it was a good way to get him to stretch and for him to realize that even though there are a billion things going on, he still has to work and can't run around with his head in the air being silly. Now he gets his 'show attitude' on when we get to shows, so I don't do any ground work- but it's definitely a good idea when you're first introducing the show world!! Hope you did well!