Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Mixed Bag

Wow, so many things going through my head right now. I'm sorry if this gets a tad long. I'll do my best to trim it down. :)
Losing Kadence was a sad reminder of just how fragile horses are

Saturday was a day with very mixed results. The day itself turned out to be very sad. One of my friend's and fellow boarder's horses jumped the fence of the pasture she was in overnight. They spent a long time in the morning trying to hunt her down. The property is around 35 acres and there is a small trail that borders most of it so a lot of nooks and crannies in which to get lost. After they found the mare, Kadence she was in very poor shape and the vet was called. Later the decision was made to take her up to the Ohio State Vet Hospital where she underwent surgery. Sadly, I later found out that she did not survive. I'm not 100% sure if it was from colic from eating too much or if she had gotten into something or what but either way it was a blow. R.I.P. sweet Kadence.

I rode Logan first in Intro A and Intro B. He did okay especially considering this was literally only my third time riding him in over 9 months and his training has been intermittent at best. He's such a sweet horse. I really wish someone would sweep him up. Unfortunately at 11 and still mostly a green OTTB I don't like his chances.

I had about thirty minutes for warm-up with Loki. I was very pleasantly surprised that he was not in the least concerned about the extra noise, horses and people on the farm. He took everything in stride and rode just like he had the past five days.

My first class went very well. Loki was actually pretty relaxed and we scored well, a 66.2. That was with an error on my part. I memorized the test wrong. I thought the free walk was from F to E but instead it was from B to H, oops! So without the error we would have had a 68.2! To be honest I felt that the judge was very generous with points but this is a schooling show after all. She had some very nice things to say about Loki and gave him a 7.5 for his gaits.

The things we need to work on are the left bend and downward transitions. I was already painfully aware of the downward transitions but not as aware of the left bend issue. And consistency in accepting the aids, bit, etc goes without saying.

The second test did not ride so well. To be honest I truly think Loki was mad. We had a little over an hour break between his classes so I thought I'd untack him and let him rest for a bit and then tack him up again. He was not the same horse when I brought him out the second time. A friend made a good point to me that maybe I should practice riding him more than one time a day every once in a while so that he isn't so surprised by it.

We scored a 58.something in the second test. His downward transitions got much worse and he just rushed everything. His entire attitude was I should be done now. We also had an unfortunate tack mishap right before the test. My noseband came undone. The judge had rung the bell, which I didn't hear, right as I went back out of the arena to find someone to help fix our bridle. When I went back in I didn't know my test had already started. The judge was very understanding, though, and allowed me to start over. But, we just never recovered from that.

I know this is already way too long so I will just end with some pictures and my thoughts about some of them. I did ride in my hunt saddle b/c I basically just don't have a dressage saddle right now. I don't know about you but I just can't ride with long stirrups in my hunt saddle. The rolls in the back (calf rolls?) keep me from straightening my leg. So I definitely look much more like I'm ready to go jump a course than ride a dressage test.
This was during warm-up and I have to say all of my canter pics looked about like this. Why am I leaning so far forward??? I have a couple of thoughts on this that I'm letting stew for a later post.
Not too bad
The free walk. I'm laughing at myself as this was right after our error
Coming down the center line.
The final halt. I really love this picture of Loki! In my biased opinion he just has that classic TB look.


  1. That is so so sad about the mare! :(

    And your pictures of Loki look sooo good! Wish there was video! What tests did you ride him in? It's hard to tell from just a still-shot but his canter looks a lot better there as well! He's such a handsome guy! It sounds like you did really really well for your first little show together. You guys are going to rock it!

    And thanks for your comment! I replied but I know it doesn't notify you :) So glad you're back with Loki now!

  2. Thank You!!! Believe me there were a lot of photos that didn't look that great, lol, I'm just not quite confident enough to post the really bad ones!

    The first test was Intro C and I forgot to mention that we did place 2nd out of 5 or 6. The second test was Training 1. We are definitely a work in progress and I think we will be a little slow in progressing but I'm okay with taking our time and just enjoying the journey.

    And I think Wiz is a very lovely boy, too. I think you guys have tons of potential!

    1. Ha ha, I think everyone is guilty of cutting out the bad photos!! That's okay ;) I do post videos though so I guess the videos really do tell all :(

      And that's great! Wiz and I are pretty much last or close to it at every schooling show, but dressage isn't really his strong point (yet) anyway and there's no cross country to weed out the contenders! You guys are definitely going to rock it.

  3. I'm so sorry for the whole barns loss..It's never easy to lose a horse, even if you aren't the personal owner! We recently put down a horse at the barn named Dixie, it nearly killed us all.

    All of your pictures look great!! Loki looks wonderful!!!

  4. He looks awesome! You both do. Welcome back to the competitive scene.

    1. Thanks! I am very happy with him right now, especially after being so worried about his weight this winter!

  5. So sad about the mare, accidents like that are rough :( You guys look great though!

    1. Thank You. I found out that the mare actually ruptured her diaphragm. We think she either fell when she jumped the fence or fell elsewhere during her escapade. The vet said it was a very freak accident that they don't see very often.

      And thanks!

  6. Sorry to read about Kadence, what a tragedy! My sympathy goes out to all who were lucky enough to have known her, she sounds like she's the type of horse that would touch the lives of all who came into contact with her!

    Loki & yourself look fantastic in the photos, I can well understand your loving the final one. He's looking great!
    Congrats on the 2nd place frilly, may that be the first of many ribbons for this year!
    Onwards and upwards :)

    1. Thank you. I only handled the mare a couple of times myself but she was always very sweet. It's never easy to lose them.


  7. RIP Kadence. Losing a horse before its time is the worst.

    Congratulations on the show, he looks beautiful.

  8. Those pictures looks great of you and Loki!!! Shoot I think that you both did awesome beign that you just got back!

    Sorry for your friends loss :(

    btw I nominated you fro an award on my blog :)