Monday, June 10, 2013

The Unwanted Hitchhiker

My plans for the barn and to ride have been thwarted for today as a very unwanted and unwelcome visitor made it's presence known this morning as my son was puking over the side of his top bunk. Fun times! Seriously hate it when my kids are sick. Evie is now also running a very high fever. Between the jet lag and all over the place schedule it is no small wonder that all three of them aren't sick but so far Elaina seems to be feeling pretty well.

In other news I wanted to share these pictures of the cats. The trip seems to have not phased them much at all. We are still working on trying to integrate them with Gimli but otherwise they are perky and seem to be feeling pretty well. I will be so happy when everyone is feeling better and we can truly put this whole trip behind us!


  1. Aw no, I hope the kiddos feel better soon!
    Great to hear that the cats handled the trip well, great that everyone is readjusting!

    Hope the young'uns feel better soon and that you can go spend some more time with your boy. :)

  2. Oh no! What a terrible time to get sick!! I hope they feel better soon, those puking bugs are the worst!!
    Cats never seem to phased by anything, I think they know they pretty much rule the roost anyways.
    Hope everyone feels better soon and you don't get it!

  3. Sick kids are no fun, I hope they feel better!

  4. Thanks guys. Heading to the barn now!