Sunday, June 9, 2013

To Work With You

So I have a little confession to make. I was really, super nervous about riding my pony the first time. I haven't ridden, for real, in 9 months and I was feeling insecure.

But my trainer had the perfect answer. She put me straight to work with a lesson first thing. It was the best thing for me. As soon as I started concentrating on riding correctly I didn't have a thought to spare to be nervous. And it felt amazing! Loki has come a long way in some areas and still needs lots of work in others but this is a good thing. I want to have stuff to work on, not just a push-button horse.

Since Lori has had two months of riding him full time she had some great insights on how to ride him. He is the kind of horse that really requires you to ride every step but he had some really nice moments of actually using his back and hind end. I don't think I ever quite got that from him before I left so it was pretty cool to feel. And, his canter has come a loooong way from when I left. The sad thing is it still has quite a lot of work to go.

We did jump just one little cross rail a couple of times and it went great. It was just the right amount to get us thinking about it and really help with my confidence. Adjustability is the thing we need to work on the most. Once we get that Loki is going to go pretty far!

I didn't get any pictures of our lesson but I did get some from the day before, my first day back to the barn. Loki was more interested in grazing than spending time with me but I was so happy to see him! I swear I think he grew while I was gone!

Not sure what face I'm making!
Handsome boy!


  1. I'm so happy to see you with him!! Yay!!!!

  2. He's so good looking! Glad you are back together.

  3. Yay!! I can understand the nerves and I'm glad you got to go right back into a lesson and that it was a good successful one. How tall is Loki? He looks huge in the pics! Such a big pretty boy!

    1. We sticked him at just under 16.1 last August right before I left. I wouldn't be surprised if he is a true 16.1 now. I hope he doesn't get any taller! He is already waaaay taller than I need or want! Good thing I love him, I guess, lol.

    2. Yeah I wish Wiz would get to 16 but he's barely 15.3 :( But I wouldn't want him over 16... when he stands up tall and gets frisky I remember why I'm glad he's little, ha! How old is Loki again? It's amazing they race them as young as they do... clearly they aren't done growing until waaaay later :(

  4. So. Ice to see you two together! I'm glad you're back :)

  5. Woohoo for the reunion going well and getting a lesson to boot. best way to go about things is getting stuck straight back in...start as you mean to continue! :)
    Great to have stuff to work on, bet you can't wait to go again! :D

  6. Yay for pictures of you and Loki together!!! He looks great btw!