Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Waiting (with pictures!)

Well I had the vet out on Monday. Loki got his teeth done. They apparently really needed to be done so I am hoping this will help with his tendency towards mouth gaping. We'll see.

I also talked to the vet about our fall and how it wasn't like him to hit a lot of rails and he hit two before the fall and I also told her about how his walk had been a little slower than normal for about a week prior to this.

Long story short we decided to go ahead and pull some blood to do an EPM check just in case. If it is EPM this would be a pretty early detection so hopefully very easily treatable. The vet did some hands on tests and showed me how weak Loki is on his right side. He was placing his legs somewhat inconsistently while attempting to do a turn on the forehand (worse to the left). Also, the vet was able to pull Loki off balance when he was walking by pulling sideways on his tail. He really lost his balance when she pulled him to the right but he was okay to the left. These could all be small signs of neurological problems or he could simply just need a lot more muscle built on his right. He has always been weak on that side and it could be I haven't addressed it as much as I should.

Regardless, now we wait. I hate waiting. I will hopefully get the results soon, maybe Monday at the latest I think. Loki seems perfectly fine and sound. I will start riding again on Monday. I'm hoping to just do a nice easy trail ride with a barn mate.

I'll update when I know anything but in the meantime I was able to snap a couple of nice photos yesterday. They are just with my i-phone so not great quality and of course it is so hard to get a nice shot when you are by yourself but whatever... here ya go!

My favorite!
(As an aside I really thought I liked a lot of chrome on a horse, and I do, but I have to say I really think Loki looks so handsome even in his plain brown wrappings. I confess that when I bought him I secretly wondered if I would ever be disappointed that he didn't have some kind of white marking at least on his face but now I couldn't imagine him any other way.)
This camera really doesn't do justice to how shiny he is right now and this is without a real bath in about 3 weeks or more!


  1. well I do hope it's not EPM but I am glad you tested just to be safe. I did some of those tests on Wiz before I sent off the blood and he didn't seem to have any problems, but then after the results came back and I was waiting for the meds he started to show some of those signs, and almost fell down on me when I was picking out his back feet :(

    he looks very handsome in the photos! I also wanted a horse with a lot of chrome, but now I'm grateful wiz only has two white socks and even then sometimes I wish he didn't have them when I can't keep them clean, ha!

  2. He is a handsome boy. Hope you get some good news that is an easy but treatable answer to his issues lately.

    1. Thank you :D

      I hope so too. Hard to know what to think when he seems perfectly sound but I guess better safe than sorry.

  3. ;) iphones have very nice cameras. 80% of the pictures I put up are from phones less fancy than iphones anyways. Best wishes to you both for Monday's results.

  4. Great pictures!

    I hope that everything comes back from the vet clean!!