Saturday, September 28, 2013

My [poor] Little Pony

 I went back to the barn today only to find Loki stocked up on all four legs. Ahhhh! On closer inspection I discovered he was also covered in hives. Great. I went ahead and called the vet and explained the sequence of events. Which are as follows:

  • #1 Started Loki on his EPM meds last Monday
  • #2 Had Loki's shoes put back on Wednesday and noticed swelling in his knee with a small cut, no heat.
  • #3 Still swollen on Thursday and a little swollen in his other front.
  • #4 Stocked up on all four legs and covered in hives. 

Obviously Loki is having an allergic reaction to something. The question is is it the medicine, is it from this cut on his knee or did he get bit/stung by something? Not really easy to tell for sure. The vet doesn't think it is from his meds because the reaction came on five days after he started which is a pretty long time for him to react but it isn't impossible.

I'm hoping that it is just from this cut on his knee and sometime soon *crossing fingers, praying, etc* he will get past this reaction and feel better.

The vet told me to just keep an eye on him. He said that it isn't abnormal for a horse to stock up like this when they get hives. Loki is still acting fine, eating well, bright eyed, etc. I walked him out for quite a while to get the swelling down in his legs which did help but he is still lame on that left front knee so I didn't want to do too much.

I hate that he is hurting!!!

On the bright side check out these pictures of Loki in the indoor. He was so very fascinated by that other horse we kept passing. ;)
Who is that guy?

Why can't I smell him?


Nope, still can't smell him

He sure is handsome, though!


  1. So cute when they discovery their reflection. I hope its nothing serious!

  2. Hope everything turns out well!! I hope it's just a random allergic reaction. He looks so cute looking in the mirror!!

  3. Everybody's horses are lumpy all of a sudden!

  4. Hahahahahaha he loves that cute pony in the mirror!

    Praying he feels better soon and all the swelling and hives go away!!

  5. Oh good grief our horses make quite the pair!!! Wiz was great Saturday and then Sunday morning I just felt something was wrong and pulled him- sure enough, a couple hours later and he's completely stocked up again, lame on the back right, with the scratches coming back and huge swollen welt on his side. UGH.

    I have a theory that the EPM meds mess up their inflammatory response or immune system or something. The stocking up in this scenario is really cellulitis- I bet that's the same for Loki- an overreaction of the immune system to whatever (the hives, the scratches). I was talking about my theory to my vet about it today lol. I've NEVER had a problem with Wiz swelling up or getting scratches until about a week after we finished our meds. I wonder if while healing them, it gets their inflammatory response all out of whack or something??? I'm hoping it's all temporary, and his body will sort itself out soon... AND LOKI TOO!!!! They sure love to scare us!! I just can't believe they keep doing the same thing!

    1. I hadn't thought about it this time but you are right somehow they keep managing to do the same or similar things to themselves. Now if we can get this trend on an upswing it would be a lot more fun and a lot less stressful/worrisome, not to mention a lot less expensive!

  6. oh but the mirror pics are absolutely adorabl

  7. Hope the hives aren't anything serious. The pics of Loki looking in the mirror are so adorable! my dog had a similar reaction when she first saw her reflection.