Monday, September 30, 2013

On The Mend? Maybe?

Went back out to the barn today. Loki was looking better. The best news is the swelling in his left front knee is totally gone. He was still a little stocked up in his hind legs, especially the hind left and the hives were still very much present. But, he was walking and moving way better. So overall I think we are heading towards healing. The swelling in his left hind is making me nervous. It's just weird that it is more prominent there. It makes you wonder if there is more than one thing going on here or if it really is all related. But, he isn't lame on it so for now it is just a wait and see. I have to make some appointments for the FFI horses this week so I will probably have the vet look him over real quick, too.

Some pics:
The culprit. With the swelling gone the cut that we believe is the culprit to all this mess is much easier to see.
The hives. This is the worst spot on his right shoulder. He has them scattered over his entire body but they are concentrated the most right here.
The left hind leg. Believe it or not the swelling actually looked better today but it still has me a little concerned.
The boy still looking as sweet and handsome as ever despite his many boo boos. :)
I will say that as a result of all this mess Loki has become quite a bit more affectionate. I think that mostly has to do with the fact that his EPM meds are an alfalfa based pellet and he thinks they are candy. So basically I'm the treat dispenser but either way I'm enjoying hanging out with him even when we aren't really doing much.


  1. Ah good glad to hear there's at least progress!!! And yes, let's get these two on the up-swing, both for their/our wellbeing and our pocketbook's wellbeing.....!

  2. Heres to Loki feeling better, healing and the vet getting to look at him and give you some GOOD news this week :)

    That is great that he has becomes more lovey :)