Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

I feel like this is the story of my entire summer. 

So, we're back to the drawing board again. I called a different vet and was able to talk to him for a while, get his opinion, etc. I am planning on having him come do another physical exam of Loki and then we'll go from there. Unfortunately right now things are all on hold. Money is tight, tight, tight. Things will get much better once I get Loki moved to my sister's and we'll begin treatment then but it isn't going to be as quick as I'd like. I'll be keeping a good eye on Loki's condition in case things look or feel like they are getting worse but for now he seems really good. We've actually had some really good rides as of late and isn't that the way of things?

I think in some ways the possibility of him having EPM has really changed my approach and thoughts while riding. Now I find myself thinking maybe he is being resistant because he really can't do whatever it is I'm asking. I find myself being ten times more patient than I ever have before and it is amazing what kind of results patience is giving me. We've just done some work on the flat, nothing super exciting but I've just been approaching things differently. For instance we'll spend a much longer time at the walk than we ever have before. I'll just ask him to walk forward and into my hand and then maybe ask for a little shoulder-in or out and we'll just walk and walk until he relaxes and then all the sudden I've got a much more responsive and fluid horse on my hands. Same thing with the trot. I'm continuing to work on NOT using my hands as much as possible and it is really making a difference. But what I'm realizing is it really does take some time for him to warm-up and move forward into my hands. Having patience is making me realize how little patience I had before, if that even makes sense.

Things might not be going according to what I had in mind for this summer but I'm going to continue working on the things we can. I will continue to ride as long as it remains safe and comfortable to do so. The way he feels right now I don't imagine we'll have to stop but if it comes to that then we'll find something else to do. And we'll just adjust the plan. I won't be able to do much jumping when I move him so my new plan is to get our flatwork really, really sorted out. The next time we go to a show, even if it isn't until next spring/summer I don't want to just make it through dressage I want to win the dressage. We'll see how that goes. :)


  1. Here's to things falling into place for you sooner then later!! Hugs!!

  2. I understand the vet's reluctance but I also think you should do some research on it. In fact, if you're interested, here's a good article about FDA approval and the drug:

    I was reluctant at first, too, but I have to say- I see a HUGE difference. The horse in our barn that went the traditional route- not so much. Six months later and he still doesn't have the right weight on and still looks really off to me. He's doing much better, but not quite as well.

    That being said- I've noticed the same thing with Wiz! I take a lot longer warming up now, doing lots of walk work and bending and lateral work- and what a difference! I'm glad you're at least getting to see the positive out of the mess :) And I'm glad you're talking to another vet as well, it will be good to have two opinions, so you can figure out what to do that will be best for you and your boy.

    Wishing Loki a speedy recovery.

    1. Thank you. I'll update when I find out what the second vet thinks. He probably won't be coming out until the end of the week so as to avoid putting money on the credit card (as much as possible anyways).

      Loki has honestly been feeling really good this past week so at the very least whatever treatment we end up using I'm hopeful for a full and speedy recovery.

    2. I totally understand- it just sounds a lot like how Bruce and Wiz dealt with the disease, and pathogenes did such great things for both of them. And look how much fatter Wiz got in just a week! I bet that little extra weight you can't get on Loki is the bug. There's some other treatment that is FDA approved that's 3 months or something that is also 100-150 price range- ReBalance is the name I think. I don't know anything about it, but they put another thoroughbred we know on it because he was showing some of the symptoms. (Lord it's an epidemic this year! I think because of all of the rain). But there are some more affordable options, and since he's not eaten up with the disease and money is tight, it's worth considering them and talking about them with your vet. You're definitely doing the right thing! I hope you guys can figure out what will be best for Loki though and whatever it is it's affordable :)

    3. Yes, I've been doing so much research on this disease my head is literally spinning. I'm hoping to have the new vet out on Friday or maybe early next week and go from there. Funnily enough the other vet gave Loki a score of 5 on the Henneki chart which puts his weight at just about perfect. We'll see if he manages to keep it. I've heard that some of these treatments can actually be pretty hard on them in and of themselves.

    4. Yeah I think doing research can sometimes be counter productive because a lot of it is still based on an older understanding of the disease (aka, they really didn't understand it) and they are just now starting to have break throughs to really understand it. Like how everything you read says only 10% of horses make a full come back- well, that is also when they never caught it until the horse was dead lame and eaten up with it. Now that they're catching it earlier, that percent is not necessarily true. I can't really speak to any of the treatments except for pathogenes, although the other girl at our barn used about 3 different ones with varying results, but I will say post-treatment Wiz is feeling 150% better. A little too good.... actually, ha! I hope getting a second opinion gives you more insight to your options :)

  3. This year has been the total pits. I am hoping that the Doctor can give you some powerfully good news and you are able to move forward.