Saturday, September 14, 2013

What is 2+2

Apparently the answer is MORE LEG! :D

If you are on facebook I'm sure you have most likely seen this. I love it because #1 it is so true and #2 if I had a dollar for every time my trainer tells me to use more leg I could buy a few more lessons! I think it is finally starting to sink in, though. My last couple of rides have been so chill and I've just been working on using more leg in relation to less hand. What a difference! Now I just need to work on slowing that rhythm down with my seat. We get it sometimes but still a work in progress.

Loki & Pearl chilling after the ride
Today was one of the most beautiful days EVER! Around 73 degrees, sunny, blue skies, no humidity. And to celebrate we went on a trail ride. B and her horse Pearl, M and her horse Dubya and M's boyfriend N on Orio all went with me or I went with them, whatever. We had so much fun and I have to say Loki most certainly doesn't act like he is feeling bad. He was mostly marching for the entire ride, although I will say his march was a lot more pronounced as we turned around to head home but that just tells me he is starting to figure this trail riding business out. It was such a nice day. I'm so sad I will be leaving my barn next month but B and I are going to try and keep meeting up to trail ride together and once Loki's treatment is finished I'm hoping I can trailer over regularly for lessons. So all is not lost.

Treatment did not start this weekend. I'm having a hard time getting coordinated with my vet but for sure early next week.

Loki with Dubya in the background


  1. Saw that on Tumblr! Hoping all goes well with Loki's treatments!

  2. Oh yeah Loki's weight does look much better! Glad you had a nice trail ride- the weather really has been absolutely amazing!

  3. If teh answer is so simple, why can't we get it right? :0) Glad you have a solid plan for Loki. You are in a tough position, but you're handling it like a champ. :0)

  4. Yay for a great trail ride!!

    Hopefully treatment goes well and the move helps things out :)

  5. Keeping everything crossed that all goes well with Loki's recovery!