Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Contest and I Seriously Love My Horse!

So to get an extra entry I have to tell you about this contest. But, I really don't want you to go look b/c I REALLY WANT TO WIN! Ha! No, seriously this is a cool contest over at Sprinkler Bandits. Don't miss it.

I really want these boots in black leather with a red lining. If I don't win these are going on my wish list anyways.
The Calypso Boot
If you haven't checked out Dream Horse Studios yet you really should. They have some really neat stuff.

Also, today sort of on a whim I went XC SCHOOLING!!! For the first time since July Loki and I got out and jumped ALL THE THINGS! Okay, not really ALL the things but we did jump quite a few things and it was AMAZING! Sorry, if it seems like I'm shouting at y'all but I'm really excited.

I had only one goal for the day and that was to live up to our name. That's right, just KEEP IT LOW KEY for Pete's sake. And guess what? We did it, absolutely 100% we managed to stay nice and relaxed.

It started out well from the very beginning. I could tell Loki was not too concerned with what was going on when he decided to try and graze as I was trying to get on. In the past whenever we've gone XC schooling (there is only one place close to us) Loki has gotten keyed up from the very beginning. Today he started out relaxed and stayed relaxed.

We were able to trot and canter on our own and then we started jumping. We kept to the small stuff. After my fall I haven't done that much jumping and I really wanted to just work on building our confidence again and it definitely worked. I did start off a little stiff. Whenever I get nervous my joints seem to lock up which makes jumping a little more challenging. But, after a few jumps to warm up things just kept getting better and better. I found out my horse really does have a good, uphill canter in him. I felt it today several times. We don't have it all the time but we do have it!

The biggest feat of the day (for me) was jumping a log that was on the top of a hill. This log couldn't have been much more than 2 feet high if that but it was set on, basically, a mound so that you had to trot uphill to it and you landed and then went straight back downhill. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned my irrational fear of down banks but when my trainer asked me to jump it I said no at first. She finally talked me into just walking over it. Yes, that is how small the little log was, Loki could actually just take a big step over it. Then we progressed to trotting over it and by the end I was having fun and laughing at myself for being so afraid of something so insignificant.
This is what I saw in my mind. Now picture this with no ditch in front and a teeny weeny little log sitting at the top (slightly smaller hill probably as well) and that is pretty much what we jumped. Once I got used to it it was no different than trotting up and down a hill. This is the Normandy Bank at KHP
Loki's best jump is ditches. He could care less about them. I've decided I need to get the t-shirt that says "99 problems but a ditch ain't one of them."

I guess that is about it. Unfortunately I have no photographic evidence of our feat. :( I wonder if I could find someone to just start following me around at the barn and on these outings to just be my personal photographer. Oh well, maybe next time.


  1. I'm glad you had a good day xc schooling! The few times i've done that, the banks and drops wigged me out as well.

  2. Whoo hoo, can't beat a good day of schooling!

  3. Well done! Good rides always give me the best feeling for the rest of the day! Great contest!

  4. Yay for a great schooling! Glad you two are back at it together.

  5. Cool! It's good to hear that you are riding again. :)

  6. yay Loki!!! It's about time you had an awesome ride :)

  7. So glad to hear you had a good outing!! And yes... begging for photographers is always the worst :( I somehow roped my boyfriend in to the photog position for this sunday ;) and wizard has always been insanely good at ditches too... there was like a huge ditch at the last event and he jumped like it was nothing. They're brothers I bet!