Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Horses In My House Part I: Evie's Room

I thought it might be fun to share all the ways I've found to incorporate horses in my interior decorating. Believe me I've found a lot of ways (unicorns totally count!). Fair warning I am not necessarily a talented decorator nor am I a super talented artist but, I love all my horsey stuff and I figured if anyone would appreciate it you guys would. :)

So first up is My eldest daughter's room. When I found out I was pregnant with Evie I decided that I would explore my more creative side. So I made my first ever quilt and did some of my first ever paintings. I also found some old furniture and stripped and painted everything. I can't say I created any master pieces (I did manage to give myself a good case of carpel tunnel) but it turned out fairly well and when Evie is finally old enough to not want unicorns anymore I will box everything up and save it for when she, maybe, has a daughter someday. At least that is my plan.

Her baby quilt is now hanging over her bed.
Little wood plaques that I painted
Another plaque as well as some stuffed animals and some unicorn figurines that were mine from when I was a little.
Her furniture turned out super cute.
This is a puzzle hanging over her dresser. My husband and I put it together while I was pregnant. It was a lot of fun.
I sewed some pillows to go with the quilt.
Many of my old Breyers sit in her closet awaiting a little girl to come play with them.
Next Up: Elaina's Room

Oh and Happy Halloween!


  1. No room is complete without the Breyer Collection!

  2. I love your decorations. Breyer horses are awesome! I love them. Who doesn't? ;)

  3. OK I have been reading your blog a while now and first off I just noticed that you are in Dayton, OH now. That is so close to me! We will meet up one day at a show for sure! Then secondly you have a daughter named Elaina???? Meee too! I have never seen that exact name anywhere before. How cool!

    1. I read your blog, too! I love hearing about Steady's and your daughter's and your adventures. It would be so fun to see you at a show!

      I saw that your daughter was also named Elaina. I've never seen anyone else spell it the same. Usually I see Alana, Elena or Alaina but never Elaina. I just always thought it was the most logical spelling, I mean it's Elaine with an "a." Beautiful name, regardless! ;)

    2. Maybe If You Are Not Too creeped Out By The Idea Maybe We Could Even Meet For Lunch And A Tack Store Trip Out In Dayton Area. There Is A Tack Store I Like Out Near Springfield Area. And That Was My Exact Thought Process Too, Elaine With An A At The End. I Actually Consider It Completely Different Than Alayna Type Spellings Cause It Is A Long E Sound At The Beginning Where All The Rest Seem To Be short E.

    3. That would be fun! I'm trying to think of what tack stores are in Springfield and I'm drawing a blank which seems crazy but yay for maybe a new tack store!

      I agree about the pronunciation. I just like the long E better than the short for Elaina.

      My email is

    4. It's called The Tacky Horse and I checked it is actually in Beavercreek. I will send you an email!!

    5. Oh yes, The Tacky Horse I am very familiar with. It's not far from me at all. I'll keep an eye out for your email. I know you got a lot on your plate with shows and kids and horses.

  4. Yay horses in our home decor :)

  5. I love those plaques! They are beautiful!

  6. That's so sweet. Love the pillows the most I think :)

  7. It's called The Tacky Horse. I checked it is actually in Beavercreek. I have a friend that grew up close to that area and never heard of it either. You would never know it is there unless you are looking for it. But has a nice selection at least for our area. I'll send you an email!!