Monday, November 11, 2013

Light Bulbs

I love light bulbs! It's amazing how with the flick of a switch you can suddenly see so much.

I had another lesson today. I'm trying to get as many in as I can until I move Loki to my sister's at the beginning of December. This lesson was just as great as our last lesson. Loki and I both seemed to have some light bulb moments.

sorry no lesson photos but I sure am enjoying this Fall.
For me it was all about the canter and letting my hips slide with the movement instead of trying to follow the motion with my upper body. I guess this wasn't an entirely new light bulb moment but more like the light bulb had dimmed through neglect and needed some attention. My trainer is one of those who does not give praise often and at least twice she told me how much better I was doing.

Loki's light bulb was even more exciting. It's like we finally found his rear end or he finally figured out how to use it. It's funny because I rode on my own yesterday and afterwards my trainer asked me how it went. I said it was so-so but I get so tired of feeling like I'm fighting with him.

I had almost forgotten how beautiful the changing leaves are.
I'm going to be very honest right now and I hope that most of you will understand what I'm talking about because surely I'm not the only one who struggles with this. The struggle is how much is too much and how much is not enough? Where is that perfect balance? I don't want to force Loki to do stuff he isn't ready for yet but I also don't want to never push him because otherwise how will he get better or stronger?

You can still see the spots from where he got stung earlier
Sometimes, like yesterday, it feels like all I'm doing is push, push, push with my leg all while trying to keep my hand soft but still giving him a steady contact to come to. I have a much bigger appreciation for the dressage masters because this is not an easy line to balance. It is much easier to find yourself either in a tug of war or on the other end of the extreme with virtually no contact at all.

But anyways, the light bulb moment was today for whatever reason I had a SOFT horse who was actually stepping through and lifting his shoulder and it felt AMAZING!

Do we have it all figured out yet? No, of course not. There is still plenty to fix but it was just so wonderful to feel Loki actually answer my question with a yes. The question was Loki, please accept this contact and for the first time, maybe ever, Loki said alright I'll try it.

It didn't last forever of course but longer than I expected. Now we just need to work on strength and keeping that contact a little steadier.

Yay for light bulbs! and yay for great lessons!
Amazing how much I love this face!
Hey Mom, whatcha doin'? You got any treats?


  1. That feel between push and hold is really hard for me, and I don't have any answers for you. Glad you got a light horse though! Those moments make it all worth while.

    1. I think it is always going to be a little bit of a struggle and I think it changes between one horse and another too. But, boy when you find that sweet spot is is amazing!

  2. Yay!! Love it when those moments happen or a dim bulb is light again!

  3. Ohhh, yes, that struggle for balance is familiar! Yay, light bulbs. May there be many more!

    1. Light bulbs are da bomb! Thanks! :)

  4. It'll get easier and easier to answer 'yes' to that question as he continues to heal from his EPM! Sometimes it's just hard for them to do what we're asking because of physical issues- but some of those you just have to push through to build them stronger. I worry sometimes I'm pushing Wiz too much, too, but if you think about it as a human, if we want to get better or stronger, we don't get there without some 'ouch' as well! I'm happy for the lightbulb moments, you all are going to be great :)

    1. I hadn't even been thinking about the EPM but you are right he probably just has more ability to do the things I'm asking now. It's so great to actually see a break through once in a while!