Friday, November 15, 2013

The Ears Have It (and contests)

This sort of ended up being a bit of a photo dump but oh well. :D  I went on a hack this afternoon and decided to take pictures of the trail that goes around our farm. It is so nice to have even if it is only maybe a mile long. We walked one loop, trotted one and cantered one loop. (We couldn't actually trot or canter the entire loop but where we could we did.) I'll let the photos do the talking.

Leaving the barn down the middle of the farm between the two sets of pastures

Between the pastures, railroad ties as practice jumps
Woods behind the farm
Still in the back of the farm
Winding around to the far side
You can't really tell from the pic but there is a significant hill on this side of the farm
Loki was looking at his buddies as we pass his pasture
Loki's pasture. Our fences are in need of some repairs

Sand arena up ahead
Sand arena
Looking up the hill from the sand arena with the main barn in the background as well as a very fun log to jump up and down hill
The main drive goes over a creek with this bridge and the front grass arena is ahead
Main drive and front arena (more fence in need of repair)
Between the front pasture and front grass arena
Beside front pasture
Front pasture. Buff and training barn visible behind the trees
Trail on the near side of the property

Back to the back side of the property
There is a small gap through this tree line here that leads to another loop we can ride on. Unfortunately it is too overgrown right now.
Back pasture with barns in the background
Letting Loki sneak a snack :)
Going back between pastures
Railroad ties from the other direction with barns in the background
Hope you enjoyed the tour. I am planning on having a project day in the spring to help spruce up our fences and fields. The property is really beautiful but it needs a lot of upkeep (like most farms).

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  1. Jealous! Looks like a GREAT place to hack!

    1. It's interesting to look back on it through pictures. When you ride it every day you come to take it for granted but when you see it through a picture it reminds you how nice it really is! I am very lucky!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's definitely been a great place for us.

  3. My old farm was like that! Gorgeous property but a little run down :( Unfortunately, it wasn't owned by my trainer's and the owners were less than accommodating, so nothing will ever really get done until she gets her own place. My new farm is immaculate, it's a little crazy lol. But it's also really small comparatively. I love the little trail you have around your place and the practice jumps look like a blast!

    1. It's the same for us. My trainer doesn't own this place but leases it. (Ironically my sister and parents actually leased it for two years before my trainer got a hold of it.) Nobody is very excited to spend the money in needs to get it looking better but I think we are going to try and arrange a spring work day with Friends of Ferdinand to try and help out. FFI wants to get accredited by Thoroughbred After Care next year but our fences are going to need some help first.

      The jumps are fun. There are a couple of other logs and a picnic table in the front field. I haven't jumped those yet but hope to some day!