Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Horses in my House Part II: Elaina's room

When I found out I was pregnant with another girl I had to come up with a theme (horse related of course!). I had already done unicorns and pegasi for Evie so I decided on carousel horses for Elaina.

The problem with carousel horses is that actual carousels are really expensive even the miniature ones. Plus having a bunch of expensive and breakable things in a kids room isn't the best idea. So I found a few pictures of carousel horses online and used them as an inspiration to create my own carousel horses.

These were the first things I made:

I was and am actually very proud of them. I had no pattern to follow but came up with the design on my own just going off the pictures I had. They turned out really cute and are even cuter in person.

My original plan was to sew a quilt for these to go on. Unfortunately, my carpal tunnel flared up again even worse than before and I just could not do any more sewing. I ended up having surgery a while after Elaina was born. So I ended up buying a quilt. It was such a great find because the middle was just totally plane which left room for my modifications.
I sewed the green circles onto the middle of the blanket. The carousel horses are attached by velcro so they can be removed to wash the quilt.

To go along with the quilt I painted another set of plaques to match:

And she has her own Breyers of course:

And a nightlight:
She needed at least one unicorn!
And some stuffed animals:
Overall it's very cute. I'm not looking forward to when she and Evie decide they are too big for unicorns and carousels.
Sorry, the lighting was terrible


  1. I'm not sure there is such an age! My tenth birthday present was to choose how my bedroom was redone (it had been Raggedy Ann & Andy since I moved in to it). My aunt had some skill with stencils, so we found a carousel horse coloring book and she cut custom stencils based on the carousel animals, and then painted individually designed horses (and other animals) in a border around the top edge. I loved it through high school and even college. My mother painted over them when I moved into my own apartment, and I still miss them.

    1. Well, I do plan on saving all this so even if they do grow out of it they will still have it for later if they want.

  2. You are so crafty! Those felt carousel horses look amazing.

    1. Thanks! They were a pain in the butt but also a lot of fun and totally worth it. I don't get crafty about very many things but put some horses in the equation and all the sudden I'm all about it.

  3. Um you are amazing at painting!!!

    1. Thanks. I think if I ever were ever able to invest in some art classes I would do alright. As is I'm strictly a self-taught amateur. But it is still fun. :)