Monday, November 18, 2013

Where's The Fire?

Loki had another two days off due to my busy schedule. On Sunday we had some major storms come through. The tornado sirens actually went off for about fifteen minutes and we all hunkered down in the basement and watched Oz. Fortunately and thankfully nothing touched down in our area and everyone was safe and sound by Monday morning.

Horrible picture but that is all I got right now.
Our ride started pretty uneventfully with our usual warm-up walk around the trails. I wasn't sure if Loki had had any turnout on Sunday due to the storms so I decided to let him trot some. When I put my leg on Loki's response was "CHARGE! WHERE'S THE FIRE MOM, WHERE'S THE FIRE!" Seriously, it took me a good minute to convince him that there was no fire and yes, I really did want him to just trot. Once I got him settled I did let him have a quick gallop. That reaction is not like him at all so I think he really needed it.

Once we got that all sorted out we had another great ride. I swear it really is as though a light bulb has clicked on in his head. I feel like he is finally turning into a dressage horse. We got our right bend back so it was definitely the shots that were making him stiff before. My trainer has us doing this exercise where we trot down the quarter line and then do a half-circle towards the outside line. It has really helped Loki figure out how to stand up in his turns and get his hindquarters underneath him.
Cleaning up the extra hay on the floor before we head out. (Morning chores hadn't quite gotten done when we headed out this morning.)
In all we're still on the up and up. I'm supposed to have a lesson either Thursday or Friday and I'm hopeful that my husband will tag along this time and actually get some pictures and maybe even some video. Fingers crossed! both that he can attend and that Loki and I put in a good ride.
Mom, let's just stay here and eat instead of working!