Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 Day Challenge - Day 4

Today is the last day for my 5 day challenge started by Tracy from Fly On Over. If you don't follow her blog, you should. 

Before I start I have to tell you that I felt a little like a star struck teenager today at convention when I nearly bumped in to Bruce Davidson... twice! and then again when Philip Dutton walked by our booth and said, "hey." I may be in real trouble if Boyd Martin shows up!

Other than that it was REALLY slow, though. I'm hoping that it will pick up tomorrow and even more on Sunday. It is a weekday after all and most "normal" people are working. Otherwise this thing will be a bust but we'll see how it goes. 

Onto the challenge:

21. Favorite classes to watch


Well, technically it isn't a class but I love going to Rolex and watching cross country and then stadium the next day. It is so much fun but definitely not for the faint of heart. Believe me when I say those fences look even BIGGER in person! I remember watching Teddy O'Conner his last year at Rolex. If you aren't familiar he was a little, I think 14.1 hand pony, that just flew over those huge jumps. It was breathtaking to watch. 


22. What's in your cooler at horse shows


At least water and Gatorade and granola bars. Other than that there could be a little of anything. I don't typically eat really well before I ride or during the show until the very end. 

23. One thing about showing (or riding in general) you wish you could change


Well, I've already covered the expense thing which would be #1. Other than that I'm really not sure. I just wish it could be more accessible to the general public. I wish the U.S. could be a little more like I imagine England and Europe to be where it wouldn't be unusual to go to a sports bar and see show jumping or a hunter derby playing on the screen instead of just football, baseball, basketball or golf.  

Every once in a while my ringside crew grows by three. :)

24. Your ringside crew 


This is constantly changing. When I first started showing it was mainly just my Mom. My sister was there too but she was usually showing at the same time. As I got older and married my husband was recruited for duty. These days, with the kids, it is much harder for him to come so it has mainly just been me and my trainer. It is what it is but I do really appreciate it when Jay can come to a show because that means there will be lots of pictures. 


25. Best Prizes 


I haven't really won much in the way of prizes other than ribbons. I did love getting t-shirts for the competitive trail rides. Those were fun and useful but after you've competed at the same six or seven rides more than twice you realize all the t-shirts are the same with maybe a different color so not quite as fun. My favorite ribbon I've won so far was from the first time I competed at Champagne Run at the KHP. I came in 6th with Chief a horse I was leasing. It was my first recognized event and I was very proud of myself. To be honest, though, my absolute favorite part of showing is the photos to keep for later.


  1. I'm obsessed with photos, so I would totally agree, if I showed. Haha!

  2. Photos are my favorite part of showing. Even if you don't get a ribbon or make a mistake, a good photo makes it all worthwhile!

  3. I hope the convention picks up too!! My answers are going to be very similar to yours...

  4. It is crazy how we all don't eat at shows... glad im not the only one ha!

    1. Yeah, nothing worse than trying to do a dressage test when you ate something that doesn't want to sit well!

    2. Or a hunter class, or anything else for that matter. :)

  5. I held Bruce Davidson on course while jump judging a few years ago, One of the more intimidating/terrifying experiences of my life! I hope he is more approachable at the convention. :)

    1. Well the first time I was so surprised and he walked by before it even registered who he was. The second time he was on the phone. I'm pretty quiet/shy by nature anyways so it doesn't take much to intimidate me, though, ha!

  6. I was at the same Rolex! I met Teddy in the warm-up for stadium and his groom talked to us for like 10 minutes while she was walking him out. It was amazing!!