Saturday, December 7, 2013

All I Want For Christmas

Hey all! I am back from convention. It went slightly better today but I'm way too exhausted to go into much detail right now. I will say that I did go slightly nutty and bought something new. I guess my Christmas came early. I will share the details soon. :) (Oh and don't worry, it isn't that exciting.)

Since I'm tired I figured I'd share something that takes slightly less thought. That is mainly because I've already done all the thinking about these things many times before.

On my wishlist this year:

Professionals Choice Ventech Open front jumping boots
I saw these boots at convention and they are actually quite nice especially at $100 a pair. They are much prettier in person and the leather was very decent. Most leather jumping boots I've seen are quite more expensive. Do I *need* these boots? Well, I no longer trust my opinion on things that I *need* versus things I just really want. I do know that when I had my bad fall on Loki he was wearing XC boots and right before the fall I remarked to my friend that I should probably take his boots off because he wasn't being very careful about hitting rails. Famous last words, perhaps? I haven't jumped in boots since then b/c I want him to be careful about where he is putting his legs. But at the same time it would be nice to have some protection. So there you go for the long answer.

Ecogold XC pad in black, please
This time I can readily answer whether or not I *need* this. The answer is no. In the end it is just a saddle pad. The fact that it is fancier and has the latest design and fabrics doesn't really change that. I know that it is something I'm going to have to get as a gift because honestly I'm not sure I could hand out nearly $200 for a saddle pad. Wait, seriously who am I kidding? If I had gobs of money of course I could. It's just not quite that high on my priority list right now.

This cooler
I can't remember why I chose to put this cooler on my wishlist verses a traditional wool or fleece one. (I do have a wool cooler on my wish list too but it's probably too expensive for anyone to buy this year.) I guess I read the reviews and just liked the look of it. At around $60 it seems like a safe bet to make.

Horseware Competition Jacket
This show jacket is on my wishlist because it comes in an extra small. Which means there is a chance that it might actually fit. There is still a better than average chance that I will need to have it hemmed a bit but boy it would be nice to have a show coat that didn't swallow me!

There are a few other big and small things on my wish list but these are the things I might actually have a chance of getting. I am in a nice place this year in that I don't feel like there is anything I just have to have right now. All of this stuff would be nice but I can also live without it.

My biggest wish is still for a new saddle or two but that isn't going to happen until maybe March or April if at all this year.


  1. I'm like you, nothing I have to have this year... But it's always fun to shop! :)

  2. Ecogolds are worth the money...I have 6. They are the best saddle pads out there!

  3. I'm hoping Santa brings me an ecogold pad! I love those jumping boots.