Thursday, December 19, 2013

Attitude Adjustment

I made it out to the barn to ride today! I'm so excited about it because there has not been much riding or even barn time over the past three weeks. Starting with the USEA convention and then all the snow I just haven't been able to get out. If it wasn't one thing, volunteering at my kids's schools, it was another, doctor's appointments.

It is always amazing to me how much time spent with your horse can change your attitude. I think in the summer/spring/fall when I'm getting out to the barn on a much more regular basis I forget how much it helps. In the winter when things are cold, dark and dreary missing the barn for any length of time can put me straight in the dumps sometimes before I even realize it. I often am not even aware of how bad my attitude is until I get to the barn and have it adjusted.

Part of my bad attitude was saying goodbye to my Mom's dog, Gizmo. He was around 14 or 15 and we will miss him. He was such a sweet heart. Seriously I wish our dogs had longer lives. :(
R.I.P. Giz. This photo was at least 10 years ago
Loki and I just did a quick ride in the indoor. He's lost a little muscling along his top-line but otherwise is looking pretty good. I do think he's lost a tad bit of weight but it is hard to tell how much of that is muscle from being out of work and how much might actually be fat. Nothing I'm worried about right now but I'll be keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't lose any more weight.

Our indoor is very small so it is hard to ride for any real length of time. To warm up I just had him walk on a free rein and practiced steering with just my legs. It's amazing how good he has gotten with that. I only had to touch the reins once or twice when we were close to the out gate. Otherwise I could steer him anywhere even into the wall or a corner with no reins.

We did some trotting and cantering as well but nothing too exciting. Of course I forgot to take pictures. So here are some random pictures of our last lesson. :)

I really need to work on not moving my upper body at the canter
Oh, and I will have the results of the FFI T-shirt giveaway tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who participated!


  1. Yay for results! You and Loki look fabulous, as usual! Sorry for your loss, we had a little Yorkie that we had from when she was less than a year old to almost 19 years old. It's so hard losing them!

  2. Sorry for your loss. Losing an animal can be just as hard as losing a family member. I love the pictures you shared.

  3. I wish all of our furry friends stuck around longer.

  4. So sorry for the loss of your friend.

  5. It is amazing the effect barn time, or moreso lack thereof, can negatively and/or positively affect our day to day.
    Sorry to hear about Gizmo, hope all goes well with the Christmas prep for your first Xmas back Stateside :-D

  6. He has such a great, uphill canter! Sorry about Gizmo, it's so rough.

  7. Sorry about your moms dog! hugs!

    But yay pony time!

  8. Wow look at his reach in those pictures! You look so tiny on him though ha. :)

    I'm really sorry about losing Gizmo though, very cute dog- that's always hard :( The barn really is so good as an attitude adjuster though! I get to be such a b*tch when I haven't been out in a while... :X