Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Drop The Dang Reins!

I think by now most of us have seen this video:
Even after seeing it half a dozen times it still amazes me. Sometimes in riding the right decision is completely counter-intuitive. We want to hold on when we should let go, pull back when we should kick on, etc.

I'm pretty sure I did NOT let go of my reins when I had that bad fall back at the end of August. Original post here. While I don't know for sure because I was knocked unconscious and have no memory of the fall I just know myself and my first instinct is to not let go of the reins.

Consequently to that fall I've managed to screw up my left shoulder. It's been x-rayed and nothing is broken. I haven't had an MRI but we don't think anything is torn. I've been to physical therapy a few times now and my PT guy believes that my arm got yanked hard which caused some of the muscles in my shoulder to get hyper stretched which basically screwed them the heck up.

So I've been getting this procedure called dry needling done. Today was my third procedure. I think it is basically acupuncture with a different name but supposedly there are some differences. Anyways, it freaking hurts! I'm hoping I will finally start seeing some results because I have not slept an entire night uninterrupted since my accident, well at least not without some powerful aids which I really don't like to take. I usually wake up around 3am with my shoulder killing me.

So anyways the moral of the story is when in doubt let go of the reins!!


  1. You are right, it is so hard to let go! That is some balance, too!
    Hope your procedure works, not being able to sleep the whole night through is the worst!

  2. Something I have to remind myself while water skiing "let go of the boat!"

  3. Love that video and love his willingness to trust his horse.. man if we could all figure that out :)

  4. That's really tough. We surely need to coordinate our mind and body specially on an intuitive situation. By the way, nice video.

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  5. Eek hope it works! I never let go of the reins, even when I fall. It's a problem.

  6. I messed up my shoulder from a horse rearing up and slinging me around to the ground. I didn't let go so it just torked my shoulder weird. It's been bothering me on and off for two years, and sometimes its excruciating :( I've done some PT, too, and that helps but not forever. I have some muscle relaxers that I take sometimes when it gets too bad. So frustrating- but I hope you find some relief!!