Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oldie Goldies

I ran across these old photos in my photo album today. I'm not sure if I've ever shared them on here before or not. These were from the first "real" horse show Ghazal and I ever entered. It was so much fun dressing up for the native costume class and I'm glad we at least got a picture out of it. I ended up scratching the class because it was pretty muddy in the arena and the girl who owned the costume was afraid it would get ruined.

Ghazal was such a handsome boy! He was also full of himself while managing to be completely herd bound at the same time. I was completely enamored, lol. I wish I could figure out a way to have both of my boys at the same place where I could work and ride them both. I know Ghazal still has many years left to give.

EDIT: No I am not wearing a helmet. I hardly ever did as a teenager. But now that I am older and wiser I am a very strong advocate for always wearing a helmet, every ride, even if it does ruin your pretty costume. Thinking back on it and how nutty my horse was and half the Arabs in those classes were I think my Mom was crazy for not insisting I wear a helmet! Ignorance is bliss I guess. But seriously kids wear a helmet!!