Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post Christmas Tip of the Day

If you are going to the barn to try all your new things on your horse DO NOT FORGET YOUR IPHONE like I did. There will be no pictures to go with the post you were planning.

Oh well, I will try again tomorrow. I had an absolutely marvelous Christmas! It was beyond wonderful to be home and with all our family this holiday. This was truly one of the best Christmases I can remember. I did get some very nice things, one thing in particular that I, unfortunately, can't share with you quite yet but even if I had not gotten anything this would still have been great. I tend to be an out of sight out of mind person. I think you almost have to be in the military because otherwise you can spend way too much time being homesick. But, when you get to come home and re-experience all the things you'd almost forgotten you missed it just makes them that much more special. Did that even make sense? Well, anyways, I think you all got the point.

I'll share my treasures later other than this one thing. I did get a set of Nunn Finer Soft Grip reins from my sister. I rode in them today and I love them. They are truly a "soft grip." Every other set of rubber reins I've tried before I've hated but these just felt amazing, especially for my small hands. However, I have to say that I talked to my trainer about them and she hates them. She says that they are "too soft" and make it very hard to keep a consistent connection. I didn't feel that when I rode so I will keep using them but just something to keep in mind, I guess, if you are looking for new reins.

Loki was a very good boy. He's been full of energy every time I've ridden him lately. I guess when the ground is frozen they don't really do much so when we get into the arena he really wants to release some pent up energy. I can definitely feel his energy and my trainer said she could really see it, too, but despite that he still behaved himself like a true gentleman. Love my horse!



    They are the only thing my trainer rides in. ;-)

    It's all a matter of preference.

  2. whatever rubber reins came with my figure 8 bridle are like that - they are SO soft. At first I wasn't sure that I liked them, because it was just so different, but now I've really gotten accustomed to them and quite like them!