Monday, December 2, 2013

The 5 Day Challenge - Day 3

11. Critique your horses conformation

This is such a tough one for me. I will say that overall I really like Loki's conformation. He stands pretty square, his shoulder is decent, he has a classic thoroughbred profile (in my opinion). I know that my trainer loaded up her trailer to come look at him just based on one photograph and brought him home after only seeing him be a little crazy on the hot walker. He's maybe a touch long in the back. I wish his neck tied in a tad higher and his worst fault is the slight rounding in his front ankles. I had his ankles x-rayed and there is no arthritis and no chips just some very slight changes that my vet felt would be manageable for our goals. He's got a really nice, powerful hind end with great angles, especially for an OTTB. I'm certainly no conformation expert and would love to hear your opinions as well. 

12. Horse's favorite riding exercise

Well, I can't say that there is one exercise where Loki stars jumping up and down yelling "pick me, pick me!" lol. But, I think he enjoys hacking and trail riding more than anything else we do. He is not spooky nor afraid to venture to new places and he is always very relaxed when we hit the trails. If he could choose what we were going to do each day I think that's what he would choose. Well, other than just hanging out with his buds in the pasture!

13. Favorite spa day products

I love vetrolin. I love the smell of it and the way it makes Loki's skin and hair feel when we are done.

14. Three best things about your horse

Well the best thing about my horse for me is that he is mine! I mean there are a lot of really nice horses out there but Loki is special to me b/c he's my guy. He is also a very forward thinking horse which is pretty important in an eventer. Very, very rarely has he ever refused to go over a jump even if it is something new or scary. I love his work ethic. I guess that is the TB in him. Some horses you get on to ride and they let you know quite clearly that they are not pleased to be working for a living. Loki is never like that. He is always willing to work, so far anyways. And finally I love that Loki is a treat fiend now. I'm sure it drives some people crazy but I love that it is his way of being spoiled. He is never bad, never nips or anything like that but he will put his nose all over you just to make sure you aren't hiding something for him. It is really sweet. I had to be careful with Zel about treats because he got way too pushy and nippy but so far with Loki he is always a gentleman. 

15. Favorite picture of your horse

Oh boy, I'm totally not sure. I happen to think he is very photogenic so there are a whole bunch of photos that I really love of him. I think to make this easier I'll have two categories. 1) my favorite "portrait" and 2) my favorite action shot. K? k.
This is my favorite picture of the two of us. I think this photo really captures the kindness in Loki's eye.
I love this photo. Loki is way over jumping our "scary" jump but it shows off the potential that is there. His ears are pricked and his knees are up and tight. Now just imagine a really impressive jump under us and it would be epic, lol.