Wednesday, January 15, 2014


First of all, thank you to everybody who wrote advice and encouragement about our weight issues. I appreciate each comment and I'll let you know how things progress.

I had a lesson yesterday and it was not great. I'm continuing to go over the events and I will eventually write them down in a post but for now I am going to stall because between that and Loki's weight I'm afraid my post might be something only Eeyore would care to read!

So I'm stalling by answering a question that Amanda over at An Eventful Life asked. (Fun blog, btw, you should check it out.) The question is this:

Imagine someone gave you $100,000 free and clear. Assume taxes are already taken care of and you can spend the whole amount. The catch: you have to spend the whole amount on horse-related things. What do you buy?

So here is my list:

#1 Two custom saddles. One jump and one dressage. Price around $10-14,000. Oh how I would love to have saddles that actually fit me and my horse at the same time! This would be the very first purchase I would make.
Random saddle from the internet but I really want a brown dressage saddle, pretty!
#2 New Trailer. I don't want anything super fancy because I don't plan on replacing my Expedition right away so it has to be a bumper pull, two horse and I want a slant load with a swinging tack wall (I have my reasons.). Price would be around $10-15,000 I imagine.
Another random picture from the internet but maybe some red would be fun.
#3 Shopping spree with about $2,000. I would buy some Fits breeches, another pair of boots, and all kinds of stuff. For Loki I would buy new bridles, halters, boots, etc.

#5 I would keep another $10,000 around just for showing and miscellaneous horse expenses. It would be nice to be able to show one whole season without worrying about where the money is coming from!

#4 Assuming this wouldn't break the rule of having to "spend" it on horsey things I would put the rest into some kind of savings. Anywhere from $59-68,000. My dream is to own my own place someday but that can't happen while Jay is still in the military and unfortunately $100,000 would not be enough for him to get out. So, it would be tucked away for when we "retire" from the military and used for a hefty down payment on our dream farm.
Depending on if my girls ever decide they want to ride or my son for that matter I might get some of it out of savings to get a kid friendly horse for them as well as lessons, board, etc.

This is a fun game, I love to play what if...


  1. Fab list! :)
    Sorry to hear yourself & Loki are having US issues - must be something going around the horses. Chin up and like everyone told me - look at the positives as well as the negatives.
    For every bad thing to work on from your lesson highlight a good thing that went well for you - either in the lesson or just in pony husbandry in general. :)

  2. That is a great list! I LOVE to daydream about spending $$ on horse things! I Would have that entire $100,000 spent within a few weeks! LOL