Thursday, January 16, 2014

The D. A. Award

I earned an award today. The D.A. Award, unfortunately, no that does not stand for Dumbledore's Army. :(

I was on my way home from the barn. It had snowed while I was riding in the indoor and instead of brushing the snow off of my side windows I decided to roll them down and push the snow off since it wasn't frozen yet. Well, when I went to roll the passenger side window up it got stuck. So, I got out of the car and went over to the passenger side and tried to "help" the window up. Long story shorter I got the window up but also managed to accidentally lock the car doors... and shut them, with the car running... and my phone inside. Uhhhhhh..... I went to both houses on the property and nobody was home. I was completely by myself at the barn.

I tried breaking into my car which didn't get very far. I finally decided to try and walk to the next residence. This is not the best part of town mind you so I was reluctant but desperate times and all that. I finally made it out to the road and remembered that there is a car dealership just down the road from the barn and across the street so I made my way there. Luckily the roads weren't horribly busy because of the time of day and with the snow every one I saw was driving pretty slowly. That might have had something to do with the accident that I could see up ahead at the intersection, though. Anyways, I finally made it to the car dealership. I could see the sign in their window that said open so I was feeling much better... until... I got to the door and there was this itty bitty sign that said "out to lunch be back in 10 minutes." Seriously? This was not my day. So I trudged back across the street to check out another building. I know it is a business of some sort but there aren't really any signs so I don't know what they do. There were some cars out front though so I was hopeful help was in my future. I knocked on the door and an old guy answered. I told him my silly story and he very nicely let me use his phone to call Jay to come rescue me. He then told me about the 7 horses he had at his home and one colt. After that I walked back to the barn to wait. As I was gone the barn manager had returned so at least I had some company as I waited.

About 20 minutes later Jay showed up and we had to bee line it out of there to make it to a meeting we had schedule at my son's school. We did at least make it but I apologized profusely for being in my barn clothes and told them I hoped I didn't smell too badly, lol. Okay it was a little bit funny. Hopefully by now you have figured out what D. A. stands for!
I was going to write about our not so great ride on Monday but I think it will have to wait one more day. We did have a really good ride today, though. Our flat work is really progressing which is something. I also took some new body pictures today. He's only been getting the extra hay for about two weeks now but I think I am seeing some differences. Still a little ribby but better.


  1. yeah I think he looks better :) And that's funny! I actually did something similar not too long ago in my dad's truck... luckily, it was just down the street from my house so I got to run back and get the extra key- but I still left the truck running in the middle of the road lol

  2. D.A. can still stand for Dumbledore's Army :) I think everyone has done something pretty similar to that. That is one reason I love that my car has the code you can push on the door to unlock it.

  3. Oh man!! Good thing hubby could come save you!!

    Loki def looks better!!

  4. At least your story had a happy ending1

  5. Loved the Dumbledore's Army reference...yay for HP!!!

    Glad it all worked out and that you got to meet another horsey person, hiding everywhere like ninjas :-D

  6. Ohhhhh, been there, done that. I locked myself out of my car, in the winter, at 10pm at night, in the barn driveway. Luckily I had (for some reason) taken my wallet into the barn, so I had my AAA card and could call them. They showed up with a MASSIVE rig at 11pm at night that idled incredibly loudly in the barn parking lot - right outside the barn owner's bedroom window. I felt horrible. Ever since then, I've kept a spare set of car keys in my tack trunk.

  7. I hate when those things happen!