Sunday, January 12, 2014

Zelly Belly

I made it out to see both boys today, hurray!

Loki was much the same except a little naughty on our way to the outdoor arena, giving me a few 
little bucks on the way down the hill. The horse who has really never bucked under saddle (for me anyways) decides the time to try it is while going down a somewhat steep hill?? 'splain that to me, please! They were pretty small and I'm not entirely sure what set him off. We go through some trees so maybe he goosed himself or maybe he was just feeling full of himself, who knows?
The ride was okay, not great, but we've had nearly three weeks off so not too surprising. I'm hoping to get a lesson in this week to see where we are. If I ride without any trainer input for too long I feel like I lose my focus and just start spinning my wheels without knowing whether or not I'm actually in drive, if you know what I mean.

After the ride I took about an extra 50 minutes to do some cleaning and put Loki's BoT boots on for a bit. Then I headed over to my sister's to see the old man, a.k.a. Ghazal, a.k.a. Zelly Belly.

Other than being dirty and having pretty much no muscle tone he looks pretty darn good.

The sun was not in an ideal position for picture taking but you can basically see his round, fuzziness.
I'm always showing pictures of Loki so I figured I'd share a few of my first love for a change:

This is his stall built by my very talented brother-in-law.
Zahir, a.k.a. Zee, Ghazal's half-brother also somewhat related on the dam side as well.
Ghazal and Sharea, they have been together on and off for their entire lives.
I am very blessed to be able to keep Ghazal with my sister. Not only does it save me quite a bit of money, which is what enables me to have and do so much with Loki right now, it also saves me from worrying. Ghazal is fat and happy and enjoying his pampered life. I am really hoping I can work the time out to get him working a little bit this summer so that my kids can start riding some. I think/hope it is time.


  1. Nothing better than having your old friend safe in a place that's inexpensive and worry-free!

  2. Replies
    1. I think so. He does quite enjoy giving my sister a hard time by occasionally "forgetting" which stall is his but he's always loved to push her buttons, lol.

  3. So awesome that he is at your sister's, he looks great!

    1. Thanks, I'm hoping to get him looking even better this spring. I'll probably be hitting you up for some more sweet itch advice this spring. ;)

  4. yay that you made it to both boys!!

  5. The first time Wiz ever bucked it was going down a hill.. I think it just feels weird to them when they're not super strong! Maybe? I don't know! I worked with this one lady's horse who would buck every time he went down a hill... we had to do lots of lunging him in different terrain until he figured it out, lol. silly guy. Not saying that's Loki's problem, just made me think of it! I'm glad Ghazal has a good retirement and is so well loved!