Wednesday, March 19, 2014

20 Questions From The Daily Horse

(thanks to She Moved to Texas for posting these questions first.)

My life has really gotten busy as of late. Keeping up with blogging, my part time job, my kids, volunteering at schools and riding my horse has left me wanting a few more hours in the day. I spent a lot of the day today cleaning and doing laundry because it is wet and ick outside so I figure I might as well take advantage of it. I have a lesson scheduled for tomorrow, though, so yay!

1) What discipline do you ride? Eventing! but I dabble in hunter schooling shows, dressage shows and trail riding.

2) If you had to switch your discipline which one would you choose? This is a tough question because the answer, I think, wouldn't be just one. I would love to get better at hunters. I know there are skills in that discipline that I lack that would really make me a better rider. But it would also be fun to learn something completely different like barrel racing or something so I don't know for sure but I am sure that I would still find plenty to do with my horse.

3) Who is your equestrian idol? I can't say I really have an idol. I of course look up to George Morris, Jimmy Wofford & Denny Emerson but I would be very happy to just be able to ride like my current trainer or my trainer from Washington.

4) Who is your least favorite equestrian? I don't have a specific answer but certainly anyone who uses abusive methods as short cuts to success or anyone who is simply a poor sportsman or lady.

5) Describe your dream horse (breed, color, markings). When I was younger I used to really think that having the right colored or bred horse would make me happier and then I bought a horse that really was what I thought of at the time as my dream horse. His name was Bugs and he was a minimal white paint with a lot of thoroughbred in him. Just flashy enough to be noticed without being glaring. Unfortunately that partnership did not work out well for us and now after having Loki who is about as plain a bay as you can get I've realized that the outwards stuff doesn't matter nearly as much as the horse's attitude, personality and to some extent ability.
Bugs sure was a beautiful creature

6) Post a picture of the horse you ride.
Loki isn't as flashy but he is better (for me) in every way possible.

7) What would you do if you were forced to stop riding? I don't know. I would spend more time with my family, maybe pick up painting again and continue to find ways to keep horses in my life even if I couldn't ride, but it would be tough.

8) What was your best score at a show? I don't remember exactly but I know I've scored in the very low 30s before which is okay for eventing. I'm hoping to do at least that well this summer with Loki.

9) What is your favorite horse blog? You can look at my sidebar for a list of the blogs I currently read. I enjoy each of them. Overall for the news and other items I would probably rank Eventing Nation at the top.

10) Group lesson or private? Both! I learn a lot by watching other riders so if I have a group lesson I try to learn from each other rider as much as I can even if what I'm learning is sometimes what not to do. But private lessons are nice as well for that individual attention.

11) How high do you jump? We are going to start at beginner novice this spring (2'6") and with any luck be at novice by the fall (2'9") I'm pretty sure we've jumped as high as 3' maybe even 3'3" but not regularly. For Loki it isn't about the size of the jump it is all about the quality of our canter and the ridability on the flat. Once we get all that down pat the size will come.

12) What level of dressage do you do? If we rode straight dressage we would still be at the training level but hopefully we will make some more progress this summer and start schooling some 1st level movements. That would be awesome!

13) What level eventing do you do? Beginner novice right now hopefully novice by the end of the year and if things work out perfectly training by next spring.

14) Cross Country colors, what are they? Black and red

15) What colors look good on your horse? Black and blues look best. Red really only works as an accent but we use it anyways.

16) Opinion on rolkur? Idiotic, abusive, retarded, etc, etc, etc

17) Last time you rode? Was it great? I rode on Monday and we had a wonderful ride working on picking up our canter leads on the straight way and just tweaking things for once instead of working on major stuff. It was a blast.

18) If you could spend a day with any equestrian who would it be? This is tough because I really don't know for sure but maybe someone like Laine Ashker. She rides a lot of OTTBs and she just seems like a very fun person.

19) Helmet or no helmet? opinion? Helmet, every time every ride. I am a Mom and I will do everything in my power to stay as safe as possible for my family. In my opinion it is very selfish to do otherwise. Yes, you can get hurt on horses in many other ways that don't involve your head but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do everything you can to protect yourself. I can live with broken bones, I could even learn to live in a wheel chair but I don't ever want to subject my family to have to take care of me as a vegetable. Use your heads people!

20) Who was/is your first horse? Ghazal, zelly, zelly-belly!
The one and only


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah he was truly handsome. You can't tell very well in the picture but on top of his cool markings he also had amazing dapples. It was disappointing that it didn't work out.

  2. Love the flashy horses, but sometimes not as much from the saddle in my case. Go plain bays! :)

  3. Bugs was sure pretty, but pretty is as pretty does. :-) Loki is a good looking dude too.

  4. Gosh Bugs was striking, Loki & Ghazal are both lovely but Bugs is deff a head turner.
    Cool questionnaire, thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome. And yes Bugs was most definitely a head turner.