Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blog Hop: 7 Deadly Sins

I am late to this party I know but better late than never. Thanks to L. Williams from Viva Carlos for making and hosting this blog hop.
Seven great things/strengths in your riding life
  1. The fact that I've had horses in my life for over 20 years makes me feel pretty lucky.
  2. Ghazal
  3. Loki
  4. Being physically fit.
  5. Supportive family and friends
  6. A good amount of time to ride, usually.
  7. The drive to get better. 
Seven things you lack or covet for you or your horse.
  1. A trailer. I miss the freedom of having my own trailer!
  2. Unlimited funds for training/showing and horse care.
  3. A saddle that fits me and my horse.
  4. Property and the ability to keep my horses at home. 
  5. Height! What I wouldn't give for an extra 5 or 6 inches!
  6. To be a great rider. Not winning competitions so much as just a really great rider.
  7. I really just can't think of anything else. I have a lot to be grateful for.
Seven things that make you angry.
  1. Abuse & neglect not limited to just horses but all animals and children
  2. When I lose my balance and let my passion take over too much of my life
  3. Rude or ill mannered people
  4. When I continually make the same mistakes
  5. Fear
  6. Rulkur and any abusive kind of training
  7. People who judge others especially without knowing all the facts 
Seven things you neglect to do or cut corners on. 
  1. Picking out hooves after we ride
  2. Working in two point or without stirrups
  3. Spending time reading training/horse care books to improve my riding and knowledge
  4. Pulling Loki's mane. 
  5. Lately my downfall has been keeping up with the housework!
  6. Getting out to see Ghazal as often as I should
  7. Keeping track of farrier and vet dates :(
Seven most expensive things you own for your horses/riding. 
  1. Loki 
  2. Ghazal
  3. Big rolling tack trunk
  4. Saddle
  5. Show coat
  6. Nice riding breeches
  7. Ariat Volants
Seven guilty pleasures or favorite items.
  1. Loki (duh!)
  2. Ghazal (duh!)
  3. Every time I get to spend in the saddle or with my horses
  4. Trail riding
  5. Having a good trainer/instructor that is pushing me to be a better rider
  6. The facilities that allow me to ride all year long
  7. The time I have to spend at home with family (I know not entirely horse related but so true!)
Seven things you love about horses and riding.
  1. Barn smells
  2. The peace I get from a good ride
  3. Facing fears and pushing through them
  4. The friendships (There are no friends quite like horse friends, on and off line!)
  5. The fact that I can tell my horses anything and I always feel better afterwards
  6. That moment when something clicks and your ride gets noticeably better
  7. Horses are the most beautiful creatures and I love to simply look at them.
Just beautiful


  1. Haha I think pulling manes would make a lot of the sloth lists!
    Still no luck with the saddle?
    There will be one out there, bet it seems like you're looking for a needle in a haystack!

  2. You came in under the wire, thanks for joining!!