Monday, March 31, 2014

Commence Cold Hosing

I am seriously bummed you all. I went to the barn today. It's supposed to be in the 60s all week including a possible jaunt into the seventies tomorrow. I got Loki out, no big deal, started grooming him when I noticed a new splint on his left front. :( It's not really big and the swelling is minimal but there is a little heat to it. He is completely sound on it and doesn't seem sensitive to me touching it but it's there. So I cold hosed him and put some liniment on him (the only thing I had available).

I added a little arrow in case it isn't as obvious as I think.
 I don't know how much this will affect our spring plans. For now I'll be cold hosing and giving him some time off. But, really couldn't this have happened sometime when it was snowing???


  1. Boo, hope he feels better soon and that you're not coldhosing forever

  2. cold hosing is great! Hue popped a spling and I had someone suggest a DMSO and furazone sweat. His leaf did not have any heat though. Just minimal swelling. Obviously a sweat with heat might not be the best. I finally broke down and bought ice horse boots AFTER the splint, cellulitis, and other versions cold hose requiring situations. Naturally.

    Have you tried sore no mores poultice? I love it. And you don't have to wrap it if you don't want which I think rocks if you don't have someone to remove the bandage prior to turnout or something. Fingers crossed this resolves itself with a little bit of time off :)

  3. Ohhhh, man. Horses. :( Hope he's back to work ASAP.

  4. Oh no! I'm sorry. :(

    Just think how cranky you would have been cold hosing when it was below zero, though!

  5. Ohhh poor Loki and you. :( I hope he's looking better soon so you two can get back to work!

  6. Horses have the best timing! Boo sorry!

    I second what L said (since that is what our trainer has us do lol).. ice pack for the win!