Thursday, March 27, 2014


What girl wouldn't want horses to be a part of her wedding day?
I had a very traditional wedding and having my own horse as a part of my wedding never even occurred to me but I still wanted horses involved somehow so my Mom rented this team of Percherons to drive us from the church to the banquet hall.
It was a very humid August day and we were a little worried we were going to be caught in a storm but it was totally worth it. Just for the pictures alone.


  1. Beautiful! I have always loved the idea of a horse drawn carriage at a wedding.

  2. Aw love it! I didn't have horses in my wedding but they weren't in my life much at the time when we were planning either.

  3. So beautiful! And your dress is stunning!

  4. Wow how cool!!! Beautiful :)

  5. Gorgeous!
    If I ever find a man to put up with my horse crazies I hope we can incorporate ny horse(s) into the wedding...who knows when that'll be though. Have been rocking a pretty long-standing membership to singledom ;-)

  6. I'm jealous!! I tried to convince my husband to let us have his fam's team of Belgians, but I lost the battle.

    They are lovely! And your dress is gorgeous!