Monday, April 7, 2014

Junk In Your Trunk Blog Hop

Hey all, I can tell that Spring really has sprung because all the sudden I am super busy. I do have some stuff to share but I wanted to get in on this blog hop and time is almost up! So here goes:
For some reason I forgot to take a picture of some of my tack trunks closed but my main one is this Burlingham Saddle Trunk seen here on Smartpak.

The main compartment holds two saddles comfortably if a bit tight, my main bridle, halters, breastplate, girths and whips.
 In the door is my main bridle with two shelves of stuff like shampoos, betadine, etc. For the winter I have a lot of my stuff in a bag that I carry back and forth from my house so that I can keep certain things from freezing so it looks a little bare right now. 
 In the top I have my clippers and an extension cord, some vet wrap and various odds and ends including some ribbons that just got put there and never moved.
 Next to my main trunk I have a blanket bag.
 It has standing wraps, polos and bandages as well as my coolers.
I also have my Stanley Trunk:
It has some extra saddle pads in it but it is mostly empty. I use it for hauling stuff to shows.  Oh, and my show helmet is in there, too.
And finally I have a blue Tupperware box that has a bunch of miscellaneous things such as my half pad, an extra bridle, my shipping boots and other horse boots.
Seeing everybody else's tack trunks has made me realize I really need to work on getting better organized. At the moment I have a lot of room for all my stuff but when I move in a year+ time that might not be the case. I know I probably could combine the Stanley box and the blue Tupperware at the very least. Not pictured is one other smaller Tupperware box that I store my winter blankets in over the summer. 

However, this is all of my horse stuff. I don't keep anything at home except my actual riding clothes. That makes it better, right?


  1. I really feel the need to get an actual trunk after reading all these!

  2. Your one is so organised!
    I love looking at people's things - product stalker!

  3. Very organised compared to me - I have three tack lockers at the yard, two i use every day and one that is for odds & ends and a tip. I then have rugs everywhere from hanging on the horse's doors, hanging in the designated rug storage area at the yard (awaiting sending off for cleaning once turnout happens so I am sure I won't need them again this year) and clean in the basement at home. In said basement there is also a plethora of other stuff that is unused including a saddle and bridle and god knows what else as I don't go poking for fear of what i might find...shall have to have a bit of a clearout before parents throw me out when my place is ready! ;-)

  4. Your saddle trunk is so cool!!!