Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Partnership In Motion

I had a wonderful lesson today. It wasn't perfect we still have tons of stuff to work on but I still say wonderful because I feel like every time we ride we improve. I wanted to do an actual jump course since we'll be showing this weekend so that was the plan. We put some pretty tight turns and bending lines in it and Loki and I actually got it done! (Granted it did take us two tries to get one especially tight turn done but we did get it.) It wasn't the prettiest round on the planet but honestly I think if I had tried some of these tight turns a year ago it wouldn't have happened. And once again we did it all in just our plain snaffle!

As we were walking back to the barn I was just thinking about how much riding Loki has become a partnership. Partnerships or friendships don't just happen overnight. They take time and investment but it seems like there comes a point where things just take off. A partnership is almost always in motion going forward, getting stronger or weakening depending on the time, effort and emotions we put into them. I feel like Loki and I have definitely hit that point where our partnership is solid and now we are just working on moving it forward.

Ha! Sorry to be so poetical but really it is the after effects of such a great ride! (My trainer would probably remind me of all the things we/I still need to work on at this point such as keeping him together and waiting for the jump but for now I'm just celebrating the small victories. :))

No pictures from today. I know I know that is getting old! Believe me I know! But the good news is we'll have a photographer at the show so hopefully I will at least get pictures for this weekend! Yay! But here are some from a couple of weeks ago:
Pondering whether or not to go...
or stay...
Go it is. See ya later, Mom.


  1. Yay good lesson!! Love it when you start to click and really work together!!

  2. Woohoo, cannot beat a good feel good & confidence boosting lesson.
    I think yourself and Loki have achieved wonderful things considering this time last year you weren't even on the same continent!
    I hope you have a ball competing at the weekend :D

  3. Gotta love a great lesson right before a show! Sounds like you two are ready to rock and roll! :) Have fun!!

  4. No apologies necessary! This is the good stuff; it's great to hear/read about it!

  5. Great to hear! Love reading about you and Loki :) Have fun at the show, you will do great!

  6. Building a partnership is the reason I always end up owning a horse over leasing or lessons.

  7. Good luck for this weekend!
    You are sounding happy every ride - so cool when that happens! This season is gonna be awesome for you guys!