Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I am so exhausted you all for no real good reason but this post may suffer for it, we'll see.

Loki is doing well. It's weird but good (I think?). His splint is almost completely gone. You can still feel a bit of a bump but no heat and it appears set already. I dunno that seems really fast to me but my trainer looked at him and felt he was fine. He's still sound and was never lame on it to begin with but I'm still a little nervous about it so while I have started riding him again I'm trying to take it easy and just have a few quiet rides then see how it goes.

Equine Affaire is almost hear! I will be going up with some friends on Thursday. I'm mainly looking forward to the Jimmy clinic as my trainer is riding "the devil" in it but I love window shopping at EA. I'm hoping to not spend too much money, though because...


Ugh, I just sent in my entry for Greater Dayton which I'm super excited about but I think we are going to have to skip May Daze because holy crap it is just so darn expensive to compete! Two events on back to back weekends is just too much unfortunately. So instead we are going to go to Midsouth Pony Club Rally in June. I think it is at the KHP as well at least part of it is so at least we'll get a chance to ride there some.

But our first show will be the All Thoroughbred Show at the KHP the first Sunday in May. We will be doing the beginner novice combined test and then sticking around to go to XC schooling days at the park that following Monday. So excited! We are also bringing a bunch of the FFI horses with us to get them some exposure to the show world as well as expose them to potential adopters. I really hope it as fun as I'm envisioning in my head!

My husband and I also have plans to go to Chicago with my parents for a mini-vacation right afterwards. It's going to be a busy couple of months so things might be a little quiet around here. I'm not sure what the rest of the summer will look like but there are a ton of schooling shows so hopefully we'll have plenty on our plate.

From when I turned Loki out a couple of days ago.

Bye Mom


  1. I am really looking forward to Equine Affaire too!:)

  2. Horse showing takes all the monies!

  3. One more day of work then I'm headed to Equine Affaire for the weekend, too!

  4. Glad to hear Loki is looking better!

  5. So expensive. Real life keeps costing money (I know, wtf?) and I'm re-evaluating show plans too. So jealous about EA!

  6. I bought Ramone with a big splint, probably something he did in pasture. It's never been hot or swollen. I ice it after riding on hard ground or jumping even though its never bothered him. Better to be safe then sorry!

  7. I want to go to Equine Affaire!

  8. You do sound like you have a lot on!
    I can't wait to read all about it - the best thing about coming into Autumn and Winter is that most of the blogs I follow are American, and you guys are going into Spring and Summer which means... heaps of great reading material!
    YAY for eventing shows, and Loki getting better. Splints are annoying!

  9. Glad Loki is healing without being lame, lucky pony having an awesome mama like you to look after him!
    EA & your show plans sound awesome, can't wait for reports.
    Hope the FFIs have fun, behave and find new homes. :-D

  10. It is expensive...seriously brutal these days!