Friday, April 18, 2014

Some Days Are Just Better Than Others

I'm going to have to be quick because I'm tired and my brain feels like it is slowly sliding to the floor but I wanted to put my thoughts down about my past lesson before I forget. So, here goes:

When I got to the barn my trainer was no where around so I took my time tacking up and just messin' with stuff. When it was getting past the time we had decided on for our lesson I figured Lori had just forgotten so I decided to just tack up and ride on my own. Just as I was getting on Lori showed up and we headed down to the outdoor.

We started with some flat work. Loki had had two days off and Lori commented that he looked really good for having had two days off. We still need to work on slowing the rhythm of his trot down but he is getting so much steadier in the bridle and at least trying to start using himself. He still gets on his forehand but so much better. Lori had me circling, changing directions, slowing down, speeding up, transitioning, etc just to keep Loki's mind busy and the more we did that the softer he got.

Finally we moved on to some jumping. We warmed up over a cross rail and Loki stayed nice and quiet. We moved to a small gymnastic line and Loki stayed quiet. We started raising the poles and... Loki stayed quiet. (There is a theme here!) Finally we put a little course together that incorporated the gymnastic line and a couple of other fences and guess what, Loki stayed quiet! (Oh, and as a side note my horse absolutely refuses to jump the liverpool you can see in the photo below. He literally just runs right through it! I guess he really is an event horse!)
This picture is actually from the day before. Sadly no pictures of the awesome lesson.
The absolute best feeling was when we did an outside line that consisted of a cross rail and then four strides to some barrels. We got the four strides easy, not rushed but just right. Then Lori told me to come back around and get it in five. What? Doesn't she know my horse? He is much more ready to leave out a stride then to add one but okay. It did take us two tries but OMG! we didn't just get the five strides we got it smoothly. It wasn't 4 1/2 strides but five actual strides.

I know I know this probably sounds silly to be so excited about but holy cow, dare I say it? We might actually have a little bit of a.d.j.u.s.t.a.b.i.l.i.t.y. in our canter! We came around a couple more times and were able to repeat the five strides then we put the whole course together again and Lori asked me how many strides I was going to get on that outside line. I said five. She thought I was being optimistic because it was coming towards the end of our course but we did it! We got the five strides.

And another "best part" about this is that because I had thought my trainer wasn't coming when I tacked Loki up all I had dressed him in was our myler comfort snaffle. We did all of this without even our running martingale. I do think this is progress!

XC schooling tomorrow morning! Rolex next weekend! Our first horse show the weekend after!

Summer is finally here!


  1. sounds like a fabulous lesson. Enjoy tomorrow!

  2. I'm going to Rolex as well but only on Saturday as I couldn't take off on Friday and I have a show of my own on Sunday! Sounds like a great lesson. Enjoy Lexington! I always do.

  3. Yay, glad you had a good ride!

  4. Woo hoo! Love great lessons like that!

  5. aw sounds like you guys had a great lesson :D

  6. Woohoo sounds fab!
    Now back to my catch up reading ;)