Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Two Things (Sometimes The Horse Picks You)

I actually have a bunch of fun stuff to share but these two things first.

#1 I went out to the barn today to give Loki his spa treatment. I remembered that I actually own a pair of ice boots that I bought from my trainer a couple of years ago. I've never had a chance/reason to use them until now. So I broke those out and iced Loki's leg for a good twenty-five minutes. The leg itself already looked much better and the swelling was down significantly. I really couldn't tell if there was any heat in it or not but I iced anyways. After that I got the Sore No More poultice out and slathered that on. (Thanks Hillary for reminding me about this stuff. It's been on my "to buy" list for a while and this gave me the excuse to go ahead and pick it up.)

You forgot to take my halter off, Mom!
Loki was still perfectly sound and with the swelling going down so seemingly fast I'm not sure how much to worry. I will definitely be conservative and continue the icing and poulticing for the rest of the week at least. My trainer gets back from Florida on Friday and then I'll see what she says. It was seriously in the 70s today and absolutely gorgeous. I was a little bummed not to be riding but I enjoyed my time at the barn, pampering the Lokester anyways. I also took the time to do some spring cleaning.
Loki isn't complaining too much since he's getting no work and extra grazing time!
#2 One of our FFI horses, Sir Edward just went out for a 30 day trial. This has been one of the best experiences I've had working with this group. The potential adopter, S, lost her OTTB unexpectedly to colic over the winter. She wasn't even looking for a horse but as a friend of my trainer she came out to ride 'just for fun.' I swear I've never seen a horse and rider hit it off so quickly and so completely. After her first ride Lori invited her to go XC schooling with us and she and Ed ran around and jumped all the things as if they'd been doing it forever. I swear they had matching grins on their faces! I think S was slightly in shock. Eddie is not the horse she would have ever considered if she had been actively looking. She is fairly tall and Eddie misses that magic mark of 16 hands by an inch or two and yet the two of them just seem to fit together perfectly. I guess it really is true sometimes the horse just picks you.
Eddie with his soon-to-be new adopter. :)


  1. Ashke picked me. A full year before he was given to me. I swear he was born to be mine.

  2. What a fab story, can never read enough of them. I hope all works out for her and the trial :-D
    Get well soon Loki!

  3. Glad the swelling has already gone down!

  4. Totally agree that sometimes it's just meant to be! Good find on the Ice Boots!