Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's A Boy

A couple weeks ago while we were at the Thoroughbred show my trainer got a phone call from one of her boarders. The boarder had a mare who was in foal and they had transported the mare to the vet clinic to have her baby. Unfortunately at the clinic the mare ended up twisting her gut and needed emergency vet care that was above the clinic's means. The boarder was trying to find transportation to get the mare to the Ohio State vet clinic.

They did eventually get the mare to the clinic but I guess it was pretty touch and go for a while. Once the mare was stabilized they had a hard time finding the foal's heartbeat and for a while they weren't sure the foal made it.

Luckily this story has a happy ending and about six days later the foal made an appearance. A cute little quarter horse colt. Meet Jameson (I don't remember what his registered name is.)
Isn't he adorable? It's a lot of fun to have a baby around the farm. These boarders  have bred several successful reiners and sold one of their colts for big $$ to Germany (I think). It looks like Jameson will have a bright future. (The little blue you see by his leg is where he had to have some stitches because momma stepped on him in the trailer... poor guy had a rough start!)
Also Happy Memorial Day!


  1. I love that little white spot on his face!

  2. OSU is amazing! So so glad momma and baby were both okay.

  3. Awww! He is too adorable! After a rough time, glad that they are both okay.